I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got bit by the running bug. But I did not have enough confidence to actually sign up for a 5K race. Although, I knew that a race would be the only thing to motivate me to run again. Then I realized that I don’t have anything to lose, that I could only gain from trying. So, I counted out the weeks needed to train on the calendar. I should be ready near the end of June. When I went to active.com, I saw that there was a Pride 5K. I asked myself what kind of pride are they talking about? American pride? I guess it is close to 4th July. Then I read a little more into the description. They couldn’t mean gay pride? Or could they? Then I saw that there would be a prize for the outfit with the most flair. My suspicion was confirmed; definitely a gay pride parade and 5K run. It actually sounded kind of fun. I’m totally secure in my sexuality and don’t have a problem with anybody else’s. I went to the website to see if you had to be gay to participate in the 5K. They made it clear that they don’t discriminate and that “straight allies” are welcome. I called my little sister to see what she thought, and she was excited and wanted us to win the best outfit contest. I doubt that we will win, because our competition will probably be a guy a dressed as Beyoncé running the race in stilettos… One time, when I was on a cruise in the Bahamas, there was this really cute sexy guy that had a fitted t-shirt that said “Sorry Ladies, I’m gay!” Every girl that walked past him was devastated as she read his shirt. So, I might get a T-shirt made that says, “Sorry Ladies, I’m just here for the race”… LOL…
Anyway, I went to the gym today and completed day two of week one of the couch to the 5K run. It was hard, but running around the track reminded me of the good old days. About halfway through, the podcast just stopped and switched to another week. Somehow I downloaded a partial version. I have so many different test versions that I need to delete off my iPod. I found the real week one and fast forwarded back to where was. I gave the last interval run a huge push and finished day two…

If you remember a couple days ago I said I might have a hot date. Well, I did! We went to dinner and a movie, he was quite the gentleman and paid for everything. We met on an online dating website so I hadn’t seen him in person. “You look taller than 6’2” I said. He admitted that although his profile says 6’2, he’s actually closer to 6’3”. I thought that was really funny, because my profile says that I am 5’4”, but I’m really closer to 5’3”. Why did we both lie about an inch??? LOL. I’ve dated tall guys before; I just have to walk faster…. Things went well, and we have another date planned for this weekend… Oh! I almost forgot the funniest part. Before the date, I called my sister to give her his stats, just in case he was a psycho internet killer, and my niece overheard her say that I was going on a date. And she asked “Is Auntie going on a-nutter date??” “Yes” her mom replied, and then my neice started counting “one, two, three, four….” and kept counting as if she was counting all the dates I had been on. It was hilarious, Me and my big little sister laughed and laughed, who knew that she even paid attention? Kids say the darndest things!

  1. That race sounds like some serious fun, glad to hear that you signed up for it and you are “back in the saddle” to train for it. Thanks to your podcasts, I was able to train for my first 5K almost 2 years ago and I just did my 10th 5K race this past Sunday. You can do it, I’ll look forward to hearing about your fierce outfit for the race in July.

  2. So great that you’re doing a pride run! Pride is for everyone–there will be lots of straight allies there! The only problem is that the boys are generally really good at costumes, so you’ll have some competition! On the upside, there’s no such thing as too much! Go over the top and you’ll be perfect! Can’t wait to hear your race report on your visit to “my people!” I’m cued up for my 20 minute run on my second time through c25k, but I may do my 10K this weekend first with shorter intervals. Sounds like a great date, hope the next one is great too!

  3. Hey Sherrie, Yep, I’m back at it, I was scared to admit it, but I am, and it feels good! You did your 10th 5K?? OMG! That’s fantastic! Keep up the good work, I’m so honored that I could help you on your journey.

  4. mamacate, that’s what me and my sis were discussing, we figured that we probably wouldn’t be able to beat the boys with flair. It would be so fun to go over the top, I often have to contain my own flair since I work at a law firm…. I’m wondering if I can figure out how to do rainbow hair lol….hmmmm….anyway, one of my closest family members is one of “your people” so its all good to me! Good luck on your 10K, you can do it!

  5. I’ve been shying away from running since my 10K in Nov too! I’ve been jogging the mile to yoga, but that’s just a warm-up. I have a bunch of friends trying to talk me into running a half with them! I’m thinking I need to sign up for a 5K – that half is a lot more than 5K!!

  6. That race sounds like a blast! All ofthe awesome costumes might make the running part go by faster. Yay for the second date!

  7. Carli, great post and Im still loving your podcasts.. i keep having to start over cause I always quit around week 3… pitiful I know! lol…. but i was wondering if you could share what app that is that you used to get the pic of your run on here… i need a good app like that and my weight watcher leader has a facebook group and she likes us to post our workouts in there so thought that would be neat! thanks! and thanks for all your motivation… i dont comment much but i read everyday!

  8. Hey Molly! Don’t quit at week 3, you can push through. I use the Nike + . You put the tracker in your shoe, and the adaptor on your iPod. Then when you sync it sends the data to the Nike website. Then I take a screen shot (hold – CTRL and Print Screen) and post it on my blog. Thanks for commenting.

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