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A Dozen Roses

Hey Everybody! I’ve been real lazy lately.  Eating too much devil food, not keeping points and not working out enough.  I don’t know why…it could be stress, PMS, work, blah blah, I could make up one hundred excuses, and that’s just what they would be, excuses.  Today I […]

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Electro Funk Assembly

My Best Friend and I knew we had plans tonight, so we moved our Weekly Wednesday Walk to Tuesday.  I was still a little sore from Monday, but she didn’t really give me a choice.  And, I knew it was now or never.  It’s so good to […]

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My Workout Buddy

Today when I got off work I was feeling so tired and lazy, and it just so happened that my Little sister text me and said “Hey let’s go work out.”  I was excited to have my old workout buddy back.  She was so busy with school […]

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The Bahama Mama is Back!

Hey everybody! I missed you guys.  I was constantly thinking of cool things to blog about while I was gone on vacation.  But, on the cruise we were totally cut off from “the real world.”  They bragged about the 24 hour internet café in the ads, but […]

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The Boyscout Invasion

I woke up this morning to my Gym Cousin, calling to warn me that I should take Nyah on my jog today since some boy scouts found a naked woman tied up in ditch in the park.  Gee thanks cousin for starting me off to a happy morning….  […]

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