This morning, I missed the first wake-up call from Mr. Man.  He enjoyed our workout so much last weekend, that he wanted to go again.  Finally, I heard the phone ring when he was just 20 minutes away.  Still sleepy, I put on some shorts to go with the t-shirt that I slept in, as I fumbled my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash the cat butt out of my eyes.  Since he recommend today’s workout and he was such a good sport last time, I decided that I would take it easy on him this morning.  When we got to the park, I chose a more scenic route.  We walked towards the beautiful water basin where they have the paddle boats, it was such a beautiful scene I had to snap a quick pic with my cell phone.  I told him about Art Hill, the giant hill in front of the St. Louis Art Museum, where in the winter it’s covered with snow and ton’s of people come out and go sledding.  He said it looked like it would be a lot of fun.  And then a light bulb went off in my mind.   Why do we have to wait until winter to climb the hill?  He agreed, and we found the steepest part of the hill; we were ready for the challenge.  But, get this, he said he wanted to hold my hand on the way up!  He is so super romantic, and I’m so…. not.    I can’t even count how many roses  he’s bought for me.  Anyway, I know when you’re dating it’s not all about you, so I agreed to hold his hand and climb the hill regardless of how ridiculous it felt to me.  I held his hand and we climbed the hill together.  That hill was a lot steeper than I remembered.  He was holding my hand encouraging me, and once we got close to the top, he started dragging and I was pulling him up.  I said “Okay, Mr. Man, you’re a big dude, I can’t pull you up this hill!”  Neither one of us gave up, and together, holding hands, fingers locked, we made it to the top of the hill….awwwwwwww……maybe I liked it after all.  We were both breathing heavy and he and Nyah sat down at the foot of the statue for a break.  I really wanted to push myself, so I ran back down the hill and power walked back up to them at the top.  I was wiped after that.  But we still had to get back to the car.  We crossed a cute little bridge over a pond and saw couples and families enjoying picnics.  But, the next wire bridge kinda creeped me out.  Like you could see the water through the wire on the bottom.  I’m kinda scared of heights and weird stuff like glass elevators.  Anyway, he was really understanding about my crazy fear, and agreed to turn around to avoid that bridge.  In the end, we walked much further than we initially planned since we avoided the scary bridge.  After we walked and climbed the hill and avoided the bridge, we finally got back to the car about an hour and 15 minutes later.  I don’t really know how many miles it was since we weren’t on the regular path.  The hot summer sun was beaming down in full effect, and we were both sweating profusely.  I started freaking out, I still hate to sweat, and I really hate to stink, especially in front of guy.  He said, “it’s okay Baby, it’s a good stink.”  I said you know what, it is a good funk, because we’re working on getting healthy together, so we embraced our funk and sweat, but just not each other. LOL!  He’s so patient and understanding with me and all my quirks, I think I could get used to having him around.  🙂

  1. Cute story Carli, thanks for sharing and it is so good that you and your honey can work out together!!!

  2. nice picture… 🙂 happy wednesday

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