Last night, Me and Mr. Man went to a bar-b-que at my Big Little Sister’s house.  That girl has more BBQ’s  and “just because” parties than anybody I know.  After the party, we came back to my house and watched this semi-scary movie called “The Crazies.”  I love thrillers, but this one kind of missed the mark.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t that good.  Anyway, by the time the movie was over, it was after 2 AM and there was terrible thunderstorm that sounded like it was trying to beat down the windows.  Nyah was even a little scared of the loud thunder and lighting, so she curled up close under our feet…..  Mr. Man lives almost an hour away, so while we waiting for the rain to slack up, we both fell asleep on couch.  After a while I got in bed…..  Wait a minute y’all!  I said “I” got in bed by myself.  Get your mind out the gutter.  LOL!  I brought him a pillow and he slept on the couch…….I already knew I had a super busy Saturday ahead of me, so I’ve been planning my early morning workout to beat the hot summer sun.  

The storm knocked the power out for a few minutes, and my alarm clock was wrong, so I just let my internal clock wake me up.  When I woke up and looked at my cell it was a little after 7 AM.  I laid down for about another hour and then got up.  Oh no, I thought he’s gonna see my “morning face.” …..Nonetheless, when I told him it was time to get up and go workout, he looked at me quizzically, like I was trying to teach a dog how to play poker.  “Yes, workout, meet Carli the certified fitness instructor!”  He was a little taken aback, by my early morning aggressiveness, but I promised him I’d cook breakfast, so he was all good after that.  Me, Mr. Man and Nyah headed to Forest Park.  I asked him, “how far can you walk?”  He said “oh it doesn’t matter Baby”, I said okay, then 3 miles it is.  He said, well I don’t know about that!  I told him, that I would push him, but only to the point where he felt tired, but comfortable.  I think he thought it was going to be a romantic morning stroll.  Wrong!  I told him, “We’re working on getting sexy and getting healthy, come on, keep up!  All of the cheery morning people, were smiling and waving at us.   I was walking backwards facing him, and encouraging him.  I could tell that 3 miles would have been a little bit too much for him; so after we walked for about 1 mile, I told him where the turnaround point was for 2 miles and took off running.  He later said “I looked up and you were gone!”  I did the whole 3 miles.  Running and walking.  I didn’t have my podcast on, but I ran for a few minutes and walked for a few minutes and repeated until I got back to the car.  He was there waiting with Nyah.  He was only waiting on me  for a few minutes.  So, it worked out perfectly.  We just barely beat the real heat. We went our separate ways, just to freshen up and get back together for tonight.  Now, we’re headed to a charity fundraiser with my sisters.  And get this it’s a “Mouse race, Luau and dinner”….somebody was being really creative.  Like do I really want to eat dinner and bid on running mice at the same time???   Will they be in a box? Or a cage? Or have leashes or something? I mean one time I saw a dead mouse in my house and was literally scared to tears…..anyway, I could blog for hours, but tonight should be ummmm  interesting.  Well I’m off to put my money on the fastest looking critter!  Go mousey go!  (Maybe they’re plastic mice?)  I don’t know…..Anyway, I guess I’ll just go and have a good time.  Good Bye!

  1. Have great weekend!

  2. I did have a great weekend! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing such INSPIRING stories!!! WOW!!! How easy it would have been to allow him to sleep in,,or just kiss good bye….that would have been fine…but noooo…You encouraged one another…thats AWESOME!!! These are the special times…so early on in a relationship…some call it the honey moon stage..but its actually the time when we are PRESENT WITH EACH OTHER!!! Its BEFORE some tend to zone out…with bills, children, friends, mortgage and just other things…ENJOY THIS TIME…Paying attention to one another…enjoying the company of each other…When you smile…ENJOY THAT!!! There is no time like the present..

    I have never done a workout…and when it was done.. said…that was a watse of time….NEVER!!! I am always grateful I did it..even if it was a 10 minute walk..I smile like I know a beautiful secret all day…Because I am grateful I cared enough for myself that day to show some self love and self care!!!!

    I love your sense of humor about the mice..whenever I read your writing I tend to wish I was a fly on the wall to actually see what will happen…too funny!

    You have a great gift..I feel as if I’m there…THANKS!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! 🙂

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