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Running Feels Good!

I knew yesterday that I wouldn’t want to work out today, so I planned ahead and called my cousin to go to the gym with me.  He is somebody who lives in a perpetual state of feeling like he needs to go to the gym, so I knew he wouldn’t […]

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St. Louis Shooting

If you’re watching the news or have been on the internet.  By now, you’ve heard that there was a horrific shooting today in St. Louis.  A disgruntled worker, went to his job that he was recently fired from and shot 5 people and killed 4 others.  They couldn’t find […]

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Shake Something

I had a Terrible morning!  It was hard to get out of bed, and once I finally did, I was running late. I mixed up a protein shake, and put it in the freezer.   If I don’t blend it in the smoothie maker (I love that thing b/c […]

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The Mystery Orange

Let me rewind back to Monday. Weigh -in at weight watchers was awful.  I couldn’t even bring myself to blog about it.  I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I guess all the good eating over the holiday and no workouts and all the crap I ate” just because” […]

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Thank God I’m Alive!

Today started off as any other day, but ended in a car accident on the highway.  Don’t worry, I’m okay…I think…This evening when I was leaving work, I was on a natural high.  I had just received a phone call from a law firm downtown.  I had […]

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