Hey guys, I’m working hard on the new 5K Bridge to 10K podcast.  I’ve been working on it for hours at a time.  I have most of the music picked out (I used many of your suggestions), and all of the weekly tips researched and written out.  Now I have to get all of the timing right, with the different days and routines…making sure it all makes sense, especially since I created my own 10K training program.  When I get in the studio to record, it should be smooth sailing.  I think you will really enjoy the finished product.  Anyway, there hasn’t been a lot of time left for blogging.  Although, I constantly think of new things to mention like Nyah only eating the dark colored beef flavored dog food pellets, and spitting the light ones on the floor, or my continuous battle against the bulge….But, I do realize that I do have to sleep….at least a little bit.  But, the podcast totally doesn’t feel like work, I have so much fun creating something that will help people all over the world (literally) accomplish their running goals.  I just wanted to check in.  I’m supposed to be doing an early morning 5:30 AM Wednesday walk with my Best Friend.  “Suppose” being the operative word….We’ll see!

  1. Good Morning Carli,
    I am so excited to hear the 5-10K is in progress. This is going to be great!!! I am using your original 5K podcast now to build up my speed. Instead of run/walk, I am doing jog/run intervals. It is great and I still love the music! I have recruited a few new friends to your first 5K program, and have my best friend meeting me three times a week at 5am to get her motivated. You are such an inspiration 🙂

    Funny thing, my dog for a while was pulling only the red bone shaped food out of his bowl and leaving the rest. Eventually he went back to eating the whole bowl but it was pretty amusing to watch him snuffle through his food to find the pieces he wanted most.

  2. Hey! Sooooo happy to hear about the new program. I just finished week 2 of the c25k and im loving it! Today is rest day and it is so hard, i just want to go out and run. I have read your blog and you are such an inspiration. Hopefully the new program will be ready by the time I finish c25k 🙂

    (Sorry about any spelling errors, english is my 2nd language)

  3. Good Morning Lorin! I’m so excited to hear about your progress, that’s AWESOME! Thanks for recruiting your friends. 5 AM? You’re doing it girl 🙂 ….I will be glad when Nyah gets back to eating all of them, sweeping up light brown food scattered across the floor is getting a little old. lol

  4. Marta, congrats on getting started, you won’t regret it, and there’s nothing like that feeling of crossing the finish line. Thanks for checking me out.

  5. Oh, WOW! Just in time! Thank you, Carli!

  6. Carli! Thank you so much for all your work on the C25K! I’m up to 38 minutes with no walk breaks, three days a week at 5:30 (and two days, I go on shorter runs) largely due to your music choices 🙂 I’m excited about your 10K podcasts . . . (have you seen the one hour runner program? I just found it today, and it’s pretty much what I have been doing to extend my running time anyway) My first 5K (well, it’s really my third, but it has been 7 years and having a baby – who just started Kindergarten – since the last one) is in two weeks! Tomorrow, I get my 16 year old stepdaughter up to start her C25K journey – her goal is a 5K race at Thanksgiving. Let’s hope she likes your podcasts as much as I do!

  7. I’m completely hyped about your 10K podcasts! I’ve just finished week 2 of C25K, and it wouldn’t be possible without your podcasts. I actually signed up for a 5K on Sept 11 that is classifed as a run/walk, so my plan is to use your podcast (I should be on week 3 day 3 by then) to pace my run/walk segments then I’ll finish out the last mile or so on my own, at my own pace. I love the music in the first two weeks so far, I just downloaded 5 or 6 of the songs to my iPod off of Amazon tonight. Thank you again, you rock!

  8. Sherrie, that’s great, I’m glad you’re thinking about your running future. Good luck on your race, send me your pic for the wall of fame!

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