pink boxing-glovesOkay, well not really…but almost.  So I achieved my 5K goals, and decided to “reward” myself and take off a couple days from working out, which turning into an entire week… my body was so stiff, and my sexy toned calf muscles were beginning to turn into mush, it was definitely time to get moving again.  Since we were having a crap-tastic rainy April day, me and the lil sister hit the gym instead of the park.   We went up to the track and there were about 7 rude little teenagers, hugged up with each other, slow grinding against the wall and STANDING on the track, not mention the others who deliberately ran the wrong way.  Every time I went past, I said “excuse me”, So after about 30 minutes of “excuse me”, and into my 2nd mile, they were still in the way, I don’t know if it was the adrenaline rush, or DMX barking in my ear, but I yelled “Excuse me, Excuse me, Excuse me!, and one bad little girl, thought she didn’t need to move…would you believe I “moved” her??? What is wrong with me??!! Apparently her friend had to hold her back off from fighting me…but you know what?  She got her butt out of my way, I guess she figured if this chick is crazy enough to push me, I might not want to mess with her.  My lil sister, thought she was going to have to leave her private school education to the side and re-discover her hood fighting instincts…Way to go Carli, I was a great role model that night… but on a positive note, after doing 2.5 miles on the track, we did another 40 minutes in the weight room. 

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