I’m sure you noticed the big gap in days since I last worked out.  I have yet to sign up for the next 5K, that probably has something to do with my lack of motivation.  But anyway today at lunch I power walked 1 mile with the co-worker friend, and me and the lil sis and my doggie did 3 miles in the park.  My dog is so sweet and perfect at home, but in public she acts like she has no home training and charges after people and EVERY dog she passes,  I don’t know what to do.  But on the positive side, I went to the grocery store and bought strawberries, kiwi’s, pineapples, mangos and different yogurts, I’ve had the most fantastic smoothies for breakfast for the last week, I even put oatmeal in one, it was very filling, one recipe calls for spinach, I haven’t been brave enough to try that one yet!

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