Actually, I feel like I’m anything but a superstar.  I’ve been working so many long hours, and been too tired to workout.  But I got a cool game for my Wii, Boogie Superstar, it’s a bootleg version of the American Idol game, where you dance and sing in front of the judges.  Anybody who  knows me knows that I can’t sing or dance, LOL! That’s what made this so fun.  At first I got terrible reviews from the judges, “Add some style…try to move to the beat…go back and practice.”  But after about an hour or so, I caught on a little bit.  I was sweating my behind off, while dancing on the red carpet to a Kanye-like version of  his song “Stronger.”   It reminded me of my fun times taking cardio strip fit aerobics classes….. ALSO, I  signed up for the Komen Race for the Cure today! No more excuses!  YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS…..Just as I was about to send this, I got a call from my weight management program saying that Kay Quinn from Channel 5 News wants to interview me as some one who has been successful with weight loss and made healthy positive life style changes.  When I asked if I’ll be on TV, her response was “Uh, Yeah!” Geez, who would thought I’d go from little old chunky me, to a TV SUPERSTAR!!!! LOL!!!

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