My TV appearance
My TV appearance

Supposedly everyone gets their chance at 15 minutes of fame.  My chance was today, but it turned out to be so much more.  I interviewed with Kay Quinn of News Channel 5 at the YMCA where I work out.  She was so nice!  I felt very comfortable, despite the nervous bubble guts I was feeling in the car in the parking lot.  Honestly I felt like I was not ready for a “Look at Me Now” weight loss story.  I felt like I was still too fat.  But I guess other people see it differently, they were all amazed at the before pics and the fat pants I held up in a size 24.  Yikes!  But today 50 lbs later, as I emailed and texted family and friends to tell them to watch the news, I got so many responses, I never anticipated.  I talked to people about their weight struggles, drug addictions, relationship problems, and even how I brightened their day as a whole with my inspirational story.  WOW!  I guess there really is freedom in truth.  AND if that wasn’t enough for one day.  Me and the lil sister worked out as usual, we went to Forest Park, and did the workout we did on Saturday, but at a much faster pace.  I was feeling the burn as I climbed Art Hill the 2nd lap around.  I wanted to sit down like my other sister did on Saturday.  LOL!  She is so going to kill me….anyway, we power- walked on over to the stairs and Climbed up and back down.  It was a great workout to finish up a beautiful day.




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*Disclaimer…I’m not diabetic or depressed, just overweight and African

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  1. My most common response from people was, “Your lip gloss was Poppin!”

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