“Oh only ’bout 70%” as Sam Jackson said in the movie Resurrecting the Champ.  I slept under the fan for a few days and came down with a cough, a sore throat and severe nasal congestion.   I missed boot camp class, and was going to work a half day until I got called in to return an important document.  I took allergy medicine, cold medicine, and a couple vitamins, and prayed I wouldn’t have the same fate as Anna Nicole, although, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t taking Claritinand vitamins….anyway, after work, I was still feeling only about 75%, but I knew I had to get in a work out.  It was hot as the devil’s kitchen outside, so the gym was my only option.  It was hard, but I jogged on and off, and finished about 2.2 Miles.  It was nice to see that today, I crossed the 75 MILE MARK! 


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