This morning, I called my Mom, to join me on my 3 mile brisk walk in the park.  I always wished I had free time during the day like she and my big little sister have…maybe I wished too hard…  But Anyway, she agreed, and Me and Mom and Nyah enjoyed a walk in the park.  I told her that it was interesting how the morning joggers are a lot friendly than the evening joggers.  They smile and wave and wish you good luck, whereas the evening people yell “On Your Left!” and want you to move out of the way.  Then she said, I noticed you don’t speak to anyone at all.  I was a little caught off gaurd by her noticing, and truthfully answered  “Well…um…I only speak to the fat people, to encourage them.”  My mom is a discrimination investigator, and told me that wasn’t right, and that I should speak to everyone.  I realized how biased I was, and by the end of the walk, I made at decision to at least smile at all the joggers, not just the fat ones.  LOL!  Lesson Learned. Thanks Mom.

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  1. Hey! I just want to tell you that you’re very inspiring! I just downloaded your week2 podcast and am looking forward to week3 when you get that one done. Jump on over to my blog to see how I’m doing in my quest to complete my first ever 5k less than 1 year after being totally paralyzed. (Read the one entitled “Backstory” to get the scoop!)

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