tuna-dinneI woke up this morning, and felt a little hunger rumble.  I had been fasting since 8pm last night and it was supposed to last for 18 hours.  I’ve only fasted once before, and that was for weight loss purposes only, and it was awful.  I felt weak, dizzy, and couldn’t think straight, that’s why I was so worried about this fast.  But this time it was part of my commitment for “Get Fit 4 Christ,” and spiritual & physical cleansing.  I prayed and fixed a big glass of apple juice.  Before I realized it, it was time for my personal training session.  After the warm-up on the elliptical, we worked on the upper body with dumbbells.  Then came the hard part, I should have known with a title like “Combination Killer”, or “Deadly Combination”, I can’t remember which.  You alternate between series of push ups and mountain climbers.  The sweat was dripping good by the time we finished.  The hunger wasn’t real serious until about 1p, and the fast was over at 2p.  At about 1:45 I started to prepare lunch according to the program meal plan.  It consisted of tuna, asparagus, apple sauce and whole grain bread. 

None of which I’m a big fan of.  I had to “hook-up” the tuna, I added fresh pepper and onion and some more seasoning to spice it.  I sautéed the asparagus in a small amount of butter and seasoned it with veggie grill seasoning.  That stuff makes all veggies taste better.  I toasted the bread, (no butter) and arranged it all pretty on the plate, so it would be more appetizing.  To my surprise, everything was good!  I made it through the fast and enjoyed the first meal.  I’m on way to a better me.

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