My personal training session was pushed up today, and I had to drag myself out of bed at 8:30 this morning to make it there on time. It was a good workout, and the scale was finally working in my favor again. As I looked at my reflection on the mirrored walls of the fitness studio, I could definitely tell that I lost more inches too. On my way home, I was psyched about my progress and called my little sister and asked her to be a guinea pig for my “Your Body is His Temple” church fitness class. Gotta love her, she agreed. It was only 50-something degrees outside, but we layered up and got our fitness mats and went to the park. Last week I did some internet searches and picked some exercises and wrote out a routine. I taught the class in the grass, and spoke like I had a room full of eager participants. I said something like “Hey everybody, thanks so much for attending the church fitness class, I’m so glad everyone could make it!” My only real student was so patient as I messed up and started over like 3 times.

Passers by just looked at the 2 curvy girls working out in the cold… I continued to explain to “the class” that I’m in the process of getting my group instructor and CPR certification. After some light stretches we moved on to cardio and then arms, legs and abs. I’m going to have to really study so that I don’t say stuff like “do the elbow pull thing.” Or “hold your arms out like Jesus on the cross.” I decided to scratch that line too…. We did some great cool down stretches and then finished. I forgot to time myself. I was shooting for about 45 mins, but I think I went over. The little sister said I did a great job, and liked that I did a countdown with each exercise. I felt very proud of my first official pretend class… All day long I only had protein shakes and bars because I knew that we were going to the “Taste of St. Louis” this afternoon. We walked around for like 2 hours eating and observing. It was nice, I’d go again. We even won a $50 gift card to a Mexican restaurant! Oh Mexican is my favorite. One of my friends said if I eat anymore Mexican food, I’ll turn into a taco. LOL!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B– Protein Shake 

S-Protein Bar , Special K K2O Protein Water (tastes good, controls hunger)

D- At the Taste of St. Louis, Beef Shortribs, scalloped potatoes, crab rangoon, Steak tacos, nasty flat bread with cheese sauce, and a brownie a la mode. 

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  1. Nothing wrong with using analogies… although “the elbow thing” is probably a tad vague. 😛 Sometimes it helps to explain things in simple language using day to day examples when teaching technique. People understand things to which they can relate. 🙂

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