Finally finally, the Couch to 5K podcasts/mp3  are totally finished.  All of the 9 weeks have been posted to the site and every song has been linked.  Even though I provide these podcasts  for free, please click the links and support each of the artists….  I didn’t work out today.  I spent 4 hours participating in a study at the hospital.  They paid me $100 to get a MRI and take some computer cognitive tests.  I felt like a stuffed sausage in that small white tube.  This MRI experience ranks high on the list of dumb things I never want to do again, along with $4 bottomless cup night in college….  Anyway, When I came home, I watched Joel Osteen’s  Dare to Dream Cast on-line.  It was great!  They explained how you have to first believe in yourself and then put action behind your faith, and finally not be afraid of failure.    As a result, you will achieve your dreams!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Protein Bar

L- Chicken Sandwich & Fries (and they weren’t even that good)

S- Apple (So Sweet n Delicious)

D- Smart One Frozen Dinner



  1. I LOVED the last song on week 8!! I had tears running down my face and was almost a blubbering mess by the time it ended. I’m sure there are many younger folks that won’t get it but it was so motivational and made me feel so proud at what I am doing!! Thanks so much for all the casts!

    • Yeah, I’m totally an 80’s baby! How can Rocky not inspire you?! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. But moreover, congrats on WEEK 8!

  2. Carli,

    I came across your blog and I have to say that I an truly inspired, I came actually to take a look at your podcast 😉 and found so much more. Being the same age and seeing your before and after pics, I almost bust out in tears. I have been stuggling with my weight for some time and seeing that you made it through gave me the strength to continue. I have lost 25 lbs and some days it is really hard to get motivated. Thank you for sharing your story, it helped a stranger like me!!!

    Oh yes…. before i forget. The podcast playlist is HOT~~~~ LOVE IT!!!

    • Thanks Felicia! I put so much work into the podcast, I didn’t just throw together a playlist. Its so good to hear people appreiciate it. I’ve been so busy working on the career fair, but I’ve got more new good things to share.

  3. Hey Carli! I am really struggling to get the podcasts onto itunes. Do you have a feed for the podcasts? Or give more detailed instructions?
    Thank you!

    • Emily, the podcasts technically aren’t podcasts. They’re just mp3’s, so when you download them (right- click on the link and save target as), just save it to the desktop and then drag and drop over into itunes. After you sync your ipod, it’s going to show up with all the other music, and you can sort by artist and look for Carli, then all of the weeks should be in order as I named them all similar. They won’t show up in the podcasts section. Hope this helps 🙂

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