My Body is telling me no…..But my Mind is telling me Yessssss! My half marathon is less than 1 month away, and I know I need to be really consistent with training if I’m going to finish that race. I missed boot camp class yesterday, because I was so tired and had a ton of stuff to do at home. Sometimes life just gets in the way. But today, I had to walk. In my mind, the most logical distance after tackling 5 miles was 6 miles, and that’s just what I did. I mapped it out and planned to walk 6 miles with my little sister. Thank God she agreed. We walked around the entire park which is roughly 6 miles. I said to her, “hey did you read my blog?” (she never does even though I talk about her almost everyday).  I told her that I gave up cookies.  She smiled and clapped and gave me a hug, I was happy she was so excited, but I thought her reaction was a little extreme.  She said do you still have that box of Girl Scout cookies?  I proudly said yeah, I didn’t even it open it.  She said “Oh, Yes! I can have them.”  She was excited about getting free cookies, not about me abstaining from them….But I can’t throw her all the way under the bus, because she’s the one walking with me and supporting my goals….  My iPod was on random, and when we were about half a mile from the car, that old R. Kelly song Bump N’ Grind came on and, he sang the unforgettable lyrics…”My mind is telling me noooooooo, but my body, my body is telling me Yessssssss!”  I thought how ironic, right now my body is telling me no Carli you can’t do this, but my mind said yes! I think the mind is far more powerful than the body.  My theory must be right because despite the pain in my lower back, feet and ankles and knees, we finished.  By the end, I was walking like a rode a horse for 2 hours but I finished all 6 miles and that’s what counts.

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