Actually that title is pretty ironic, because I didn’t really eat the best lunch.  However, I had a fantastic lunch break.  The partner at my job gave us tickets to the St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game.  Of course we couldn’t stay and watch the whole game, but it was the best lunch break ever.  The Cardinals got 3 runs in the first inning! It was such a nice get away from the office.  After work I went to boot camp class.  Lyle kicked our butts!  I thought it was just me, but everyone agreed that class was really tough tonight.  I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard, I walked 3 miles with my friend yesterday and didn’t miss class on Tuesday, but I still felt so out of shape.  That was until I realized the level of difficulty of the stuff that I was actually doing; like holding a push up plank for who knows how long and continuous ab intervals followed by sprints.  I was able to keep up, but it was difficult. I thought about it and realized, I don’t suck, it was supposed to be hard, and it was supposed to hurt.  Somewhere, between the leg lifts and the jumping jacks I said to myself, I pay this man to torture me.  And I do recall one time I told him that I thought he was trying to kill me, and he reminded me that it was just the opposite; he was trying to make me better.  I guess why I keep going back….I know I haven’t mentioned it, but I had 2 good weeks on the scale at my Weight Watcher weigh-in.   But the crazy part is that I don’t really feel that I can celebrate it, I didn’t even tell y’all that I lost weight since my bold declaration that I was sick and tired of not losing weight.  I don’t discount it, or feel like I don’t deserve it, I just don’t feel like I’m where I want to be yet.  I know, you’re supposed to take victory in all of your accomplishments, but honestly I can’t until I know for sure that I am back on the right track.  I need to lose at least 4 weeks straight to be satisfied, otherwise, I just feel like I’m still maintaining.  I realize that I’m being really tough on myself, but I have to if I want to see a change…..  Well it’s pretty late, so I’m going to get some sleep, but I’ll leave you this, my silly “brother from another mother” got in my car with me, right after I left boot camp and told me I smelled like “spoiled baby milk!”  Can you believe that?!  Who says something like that?  I explained to him that if he done all the strenuous exercise that I had just finished, he too might be sweaty and not smell fresh!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Apple and Granola Bar

L- Cheeseburger and Pretzel at the Baseball game (could I fit in anymore carbs? )

D- Pasta con Brocolli (I guess I did find a way to squeeze more carbs in)

S- Strawberries, lo-fat cool whip, a small shortcake.

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