HenryIn order to sit to take the ACE Group fitness instructor exam, you have to first be CPR and AED certified.  I was neither, and didn’t even know what AED (Automated External Defibrillator) stood for, so I signed up for the classes with the Red Cross.  When you walk in, they give you this creepy looking rubber face in a clear plastic bag that you later use to place over the mannequin’s head for sanitary reasons.  I named mine “Henry.”  LOL, he just looked like an old guy named Henry to me.  Little did I know, me and Henry would get to know each other really well.  I saved his life, I gave him mouth to mouth and even plucked imaginary food from his mouth when he was chocking.  Seriously though, I learned a lot, especially when we had to lie on the floor while another class participant pretended to save us.  CPR is hard work, most of us agreed that after 2 minutes of doing it properly, (not what you see on TV), your arms are really tired.  At the end, we took a test of what we just learned.  Being the nerd that I am, I got 100% right.  However, I still hope and pray that nobody falls unconscious during one my exercise classes.  But, if they do, I can save ‘em, and I got a little red and white card to prove it. 


What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Slim Fast Hi- Protein Shake and Protein Bar

S- Diet Coke

L- 6 Chix nuggets, no sauce, Apple Dippers, Dt. Dr. Pepper

D- Chicken, Broccoli and a side of pasta, Hawaiian punch



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