Hey Y’all.  I’ve been so busy.  If you knew half of the stuff I really do in a day, you’d be amazed.  I even managed to squeeze in a community action planning meeting for my neighborhood.  I figured, it’s better to take action, instead of always complaining about “life in the hood.”Anyway, I had my first “team training” session on Saturday.   I had to leave the house about 6:30 to get to the park by 7 AM.  I’m so bad with directions, I got totally lost and couldn’t find it.  I had my TomTom Navigation system that usually gets me everywhere I need to go, but Saturday little Tommy was as lost as I was.  I was so frustrated; I pulled over and tried to Google a different address on my Blackberry , still nothing.  Another car pulled up and it turns out that she was with TNT and was just as lost as I was.  Together, we circled around the Lake and the Park looking for the Team in Training meet up spot.  Finally some people jogging were able to give us some real directions.  By the time we finally got there it was about 7:30.  Luckily some TNT people where still at the shelter by the lake, but the “team” and my coach were gone.  We decided to power-walk together since it was just the two of us.  “Tee” was such a nice lady, we had a lot in common and decided that we would work-out together during the week.  I’m so excited to have a new workout buddy.  You never can have too many. 

However, my lower back was really hurting me.  I think I was over training.  I decided to listen to my body and take Sunday off.  I think I took Monday off too.  I haven’t blogged in so long I can’t even remember if I worked out.  But I do remember that I went to the gym yesterday (Tuesday).  I needed to unwind after a long day at work, so I played Jazmine Sullivan’s Album on my iPod.  Her music always puts me in a cool groove.  I took it kind of slow, because my back was still bothering me.  I completed one mile in about 19 minutes.  In the back of my mind I think I might have kidney stones since the pain is so concentrated.  Several people in my family have had them, and I read that it can be hereditary.  I’m in denial though, because I’ve heard that when they pass it’s more painful than childbirth and even men say it’ s the worst pain they ever felt… I’m way too soft to handle that…..Today however, it was a lot better.  It didn’t hurt too much.  My best friend came over for our Wednesday work out.  We put in the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD.  This was my first time working with Jillian Michaels.  She is so mean!  Bob was totally different on the Boot Camp DVD he was nice while doing cool yoga poses.   Jillian might have been meaner and tougher than Bob, but I sweated at lot more and I’m sure I burned more calories .  We did the warm up, 4 circuits and the cool down. She just made up weird exercises to make you work harder. We were both sweating good by the time we finished.  I haven’t worked out that hard in a while.  Now if I can put as much effort into keeping track of my food as I do keeping up with my workout plan, we might just get somewhere!
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  1. Hey I wasn’t gone! I was out on the trail! But at least we got to meet up when you came back! 🙂 See you Sunday morning?

  2. Coach Tina, I had a great time on Sunday! I’m excited about the next Group session…and I’m actually starting to get used to training 5 or 6 days a week.

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