Yesterday was my Big Little Sister’s 25th Birthday!  She wanted to go to dinner at Lambert’s Café Restaurant in Sikeston, Mo.   Lamberts is about 150 miles from St. Louis.  It was Thursday, so she waited for me to get off work and we took a mini road trip with two of her friends.  The food there is so good! It’s known as the home of the “Throwed Rolls.”  They literally throw giant hot dinner rolls and you catch them.  Then they walk around with Sorghum Molasses for the rolls, and huge bowls of sides dishes they call “pass arounds.” My favorite is the fried potatoes and onions.  I wish I could tell y’all that I ordered a salad and drank water, but I ordered the fried chicken and drank sweet tea. 

Yesterday was supposed to be a “cross-training” day.  Coach Tina might regret that she told me it was okay to rest on cross-training days!  Well… I guess technically she said “rest”, not drive for 2 hours and eat southern style deliciousness.  LOL!  Anyway, we made it back in town a little before midnight.  Today was a very long day at work.  But, when I got home I didn’t even sit down, I just started changing into my workout clothes so that I wouldn’t lose motivation.  My little sister called and said she wanted to join me at the gym.  I thought I was supposed to complete 2 miles today, and I didn’t feel like counting almost 40 laps around the track, so I got on the treadmill. You know I rarely train on the treadmill, and I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out to turn it on and set it to 2 miles.  I felt silly, but  I finally I asked one of the gym staff members to help me.  He gave me a weird look and told me you can only set the time, and you just monitor the distance.  Who knew?  However, I was able to set the speed to a 16 -minute mile pace.  I did pretty good and got in a little sweat.  My sister and I were chatting as usual until a very sexy caramel flavored young man walked past our machines towards the free weights.  By the time we wiped the slobber, we forgot what we were talking about.  The gym has all kinds of eye candy….Anyway, when I got home, I was so proud of my Friday night training session that went straight to the kitchen  to mark off another successful day off the training calendar.  And then I saw it…today was supposed to be a one mile.  Just ONE.  I’m so lazy, I wanted to undo that extra mile.  I mean not really, but I was like dang, I could’ve saved it or something I don’t know….But now that I actually type it out I see that that extra mile was probably a good thing especially after “cross-training” with fried chicken and potatoes.  Tomorrow morning I’m supposed to meet my new workout buddy Tee in the at the park.  Then we have another team training on Sunday.  That’s about it…me and my sister are watching Dead Like Me on Netflix on the Wii.  I’m so tired I’ll probably be sleep before the episode is over!

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