Each year, on January 1st, we all set fantastic goals also known as resolutions. Well, with January almost over, I figured it’s about time to do a review. What sort of resolutions did you set for yourself? Did you set weight loss goals? Are you trying to stop smoking? Did you get past Week One with my couch to 5K podcasts? My main resolution for this year is to complete a half marathon. It feels great to know that I’m still sticking to my goal. I hit a little speed bump around the 6 mile mark but I completed 7 miles last weekend and I will complete eight miles on Saturday.  However, I do need to work harder on my weight loss goal. I’m not losing at the pace that I set for myself.  I know if I track and write down my daily food I would do a lot better.  Well, that’s about all I just wanted to do a quick post to remind you to think of the goals that you set for yourself and take a personal inventory of your progress so far.

  1. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year but found halfway through the month I wasn’t following through. I made the mistake of letting a little thing called a plateau mess with my mind and I almost gave up. So, I had a New, New Year instead. My resolution is to live my life with no regrets. Waste no time worrying. Face every problem when it arrives so that it doesn’t linger in the days to come. And last but not least, understand that the path to all of this is a one way street. No turning back no matter what happens. And thanks to you and a really good friend, after three years of ‘thinking about it’, I’m going to be going to a TNT meeting!

  2. Hi Carli!! I found the C25K running plan on the Weight Watchers Challenges page in November or December 2010…I wrote it all out with every intention of starting it…holidays got me ALL off track!!! SOOO, with the new year I decided to complete the C25K!! I am on week 3…(I was sick for a week so I’m a week behind!! But still on track!! I got back on track with WW…I just have to get back in my Zumba classes. I also resolved to find a good Care Group at church…and I am currently taking the Care Group Leadership Bootcamp to become a Care Group Leader!! I am also in school to be a Chiropractor and graduate in April…I made a resolution to pass all my needed National Board Exams so I could get my license so I can get a J-O-B!!!! So far so good on my end of the resolutions!!! I totally LOVE your blog/podcasts/website!!! you are truely and inspiration and I am glad I was lead to you!!!

  3. Hi Carli!
    I’ve been wandering around your site for some time now and enjoying the podcasts. When I started C25K I couldn’t run 1 1/2 minutes without feeling exhausted. I’m not but 40lbs overweight but really out of shape. I just started week 8 C25K today and feel great! Thanks for the podcasts and putting them together. Since I’ve stuck with it, it really has developed into a habit. Looking forward to finishing and starting the 10K podcasts!!! Thanks for sharing and the motivation!!!!!!!!

  4. Mine was to start the C25K program. A neighbor had told me about it, but she didn’t know about your Pod casts. She was just doing her own timing and listening to her iPod. She didn’t stick with it, said it was too hard to keep track of the minutes walking and running. I am so glad that Google led me to your site, because I probably would have failed like she did. I have told her about your podcasts so hopefully she will try again. I did my first run of Week 5 yesterday. I have amazed myself each and every day that I have done the program. I am scared of the upcoming 20 minute run, but I feel confident that I will get through it. Can’t believe I am almost half way done with the 9 week program. Thanks for your inspiration Carli.


  5. DD, I love it! A New New year. There’s nothing wrong with that…. Living with no regrets is a policy I’ve tried to adopt for many years. Once it’s done, it’s done. Team in Training is awesome! It’s hard to give up or get too lazy when people have given you money for cancer. Keep up the positive attitude.

  6. Kirra, Ms. Everything! I thought I was busy…whoa! Congrats on sticking to your goals even though you have so many. Hopefully you will be ready for your 5K race before you gradaute. Keep up the excellent work!

  7. GAmom, Week 8?! You must be one of those silent readers. LOL, I can’t blame you though, I read blogs all the time and don’t leave comments, which is crazy, because I LOVE when you guys leave comments, it lets me know I’m not just talking to myself. Do you have a race scheduled? I hope so…I can’t wait to put your race day pic on my Wall of Fame.

  8. Bill Week 5 already? Wow it doesn’t seem like that long ago, you were doing week 1 at lunch. Thanks for sharing my podcast. You’re taking resolution to a whole new level!

  9. Well I made it through Week 5. Day 2 I did a different route that had several uphill challenges and was a little longer than my normal run. It took me about 45 minutes to complete, I even got an extra 5 minute jog in there. That led up to yesterday’s W5D3 20 minute straight run. I had been dreading it all week and was concerned whether I could really do it or not…would I have to take a break? I DID IT! No stops, no walking breaks, and I kept my pace consistent through the whole thing. I turned around after 10 minutes and ran the same route back and was within 15 feet of where I started running when you told me I had completed my 20 minutes. I am really excited about how I have come from being winded after a minute or running to running 20 minutes solid. This week I am looking forward to W6D3, 25 minutes solid.

    See you later,

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