Last night, my Big Little Sister called me talking in worst fake German accent.   It faltered between an Australian down under accent and a proper British dialect.  She told me it was “The Treadmill Nazi” calling and that she would be at my house to pick me up at 6:30 PM sharp.  Soon after, she was outside my door with my little honey bunny in the backseat. We dropped off my niece at the gym kid’s club and went to the treadmill.  My Sis was ready to put me through another grueling workout.  However, just after we finished the first mile the kid’s club worker told us that my niece wouldn’t stop crying.  She recently had tubes put in her ears due to chronic ear infections so she was a little crabby.  Sadly we had to leave. My sister was a little disappointed but I told her 1 mile is better than no miles on Friday night.
Today’s schedule called for an 8 mile walk. I figured that my other Little Sister would like to join me since we finally got a slight break in the weather. Most of the snow had melted and it was almost 50 degrees.  However, I intentionally “forgot” to mention to her that today was an 8 mile day. We headed down our usual path in Forest Park but decided to take the newly paved path, the one we both called the road less traveled.  Soon the path led us both on to new uncharted territory.  There was no one on the trail but us.

Nyah and my Little Sister

 I was trying to maximize the distance because I know that the entire loop around the Park is only 6 miles.  However, I realized that we were a little lost when we were not only outside of the Park but on the other side of the highway!  She casually said this will be the longest walk in history, not knowing that it really would be the longest walk in her history.  I thought to myself if you only knew….

Lost Near the Highway

 We walked and walked and walked and walked some more.  Finally we were able to find an overpass with a pedestrian path and crossed back into the Park.  By about the fifth mile somewhere near the St. Louis zoo she started to get a little frustrated. I asked her to stop and take a picture of me and Nyah for the blog and she said that she was so tired that she felt like pushing me into the woods.  LOL!

Me & Nyah

Thinking back on it, it was a little mean to subject someone to an eight mile walk without their knowledge or prior consent. But the way I see it is that she’s on the track team and she’s 16, teenagers can handle everything right? After mile six there was really no more wiggle room for trickery or undiscovered trails. When we were about half a mile from the car I let her in on the truth. I told her, little sister I have a confession. Today, I was scheduled for an 8 mile walk I just didn’t want to do it alone. To which she exclaimed, I’ve been Punk’d, where are the cameras?!  I had to laugh. You knew all along she said? You really weren’t lost? I’ve been bamboozled!!! To which I chuckled and responded “no more like led astray.”  But I did confess that it totally was not my intention to leave the Park and cross over the highway.  By the time we made it back to my car we had completed just over 7 miles. My Nike tracker said that we had burned almost 1400 calories.  I told her that she should feel proud that she burned almost a whole day’s worth of calories and achieved the new level of walking her furthest distance ever.  I think she ultimately forgave me. Especially, after she found out how many calories we burnt. All in all, I would have preferred to have gotten “lost” little longer to have completed the full eight miles.  But I guess when I think about it if I add the mile from last night to the 7 miles today I did get in 8 miles over the weekend.

  1. Well I dont think that was very nice of you to trick her. Although she may have needed it she probably would have gotten less crabby if you would have told her sooner! But sounds like you both had a fun adventure! SISTER TIME is always needed!

  2. Yep – I’d have pushed you into the woods too! But the cute puppy makes up for it! Great job on the mileage. So I guess I can’t punk out on going to the gym tonight (unless the roads are really icy).

  3. 1400 calories??? I’ll go….take me with you next time! As long as we can lose the 1400 calories, and they can’t find me to jump back on me…I will go.

  4. Just wanted to let u know that I absolutely love ur podcasts! I am in week 4 and I don’t remember the last time I ran for 5 minutes without stopping! It is amazing and ur music has helped so much. Thanks girl!

  5. Well Mezzy, How ironic that you have the same nickname as my Little Sister?! I’m glad you enjoyed the sister time. OMG! Thanks for watching that scary movie with me tonight! Whew, Case 39 is not for the faint of heart!

  6. Lashaune they actually closed the gym that night, they closed EVERYthing in St. Louis. I haven’t worked out all week…been busy…sorta…

  7. Hey Tam! I couldn’t believe it either that was a LOT of calories burned, I’m sure you and the hubby burn just as many!

  8. Hey Terrie Girl, you’re half way through, just a few more weeks! Congrats!

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