Today was such a weird day. It was a freakishly beautiful spring-like day in February. My coworker friend and I went to lunch at Chavas, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Soulard downtown. She got to the point where she was tired of the shenanigans at the law firm where we work. For example, “spell check this document for me, or print the e-mail I just sent you and bring it to me.”  She jokingly said it’s such a beautiful Friday it would be a great day to get fired, so I could go home and enjoy the rest of the day.  I jokingly said you know you hate your job when… You say it’s a beautiful day to get fired.  Ironically enough, this afternoon I got a text from her simply stating “God delivered me!” I knew exactly what she meant with no questions asked. This is my lunch buddy we eat together every day, and hang out for movie marathons most weekends.  All I could think of was how bored I would be at work now. I can’t say all the things I’d really like to say about the firm where I work because someone could find my blog and,  I have a mortgage to pay so I don’t want to be next on the chopping block.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good day to soak in the hot tub at the gym.  Of course my little sister was on board to join me.  We went to the gym and talked and walked a leisure 3 miles around the track.  Then we put on our swimsuits and headed to the whirlpool.  I turned on the bubble maker and put my foot in.  It was so hot! I don’t know how my little sister stepped in with no problem. I felt like I was stepping into a pot of boiling water.  I eased myself into the whirlpool as my body began to adjust the temperature.  After a minute or two it started to feel good. Then I looked at the floating thermometer and it said 102°!  I panicked and got ready to climb out, no wonder why felt like I was stepping into a pot of boiling water. That was until my little sister pointed to the sign stating that the whirlpool should stay at 102°.  Maybe I was just a little wound up from the events of the day.  I decided to use lean back and relax and enjoy. I laid my head back, It was so fantastic it felt like a water massage.  After I marinated in the human sized pot for a while, I decided to try the sauna.  I have access to all this nice stuff at the gym and never take advantage of it.  As soon as I stepped into the sauna it felt like I walked into an oven. Is it supposed to be this hot I asked? Maybe it’s been so cold outside for so long that regular hot feels like superhot. Regardless, I could only stay in the sauna for just a few minutes before I had enough. And then I wondered why did everything remind me of the stove and the oven? Is it because I’m fat or because I like to cook?  Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter.  What did matter was that I felt good that I got in a quick workout and I felt extremely relaxed.  I think I need a whirlpool at home. It was so nice, definitely something I will be doing again in the near future.

Oh!  P.S. I signed up for a 5 Mile St. Patricks day Race today!  Not a 5K …5 MILES!

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  1. I got an email from a reader who let me know that “all attorneys aren’t bad” ….of course not! One of my best friends is an attorney and I have many attorney associates that I’ve come to know over the years while working as a paralegal. So, as you read this…please note that I was having “a day”, and some attorneys are good people! 🙂

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