Today was my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party. Of course I wanted to bring my little niece. However, there was one little problem. If you read my blog you know that I rarely talk about children. I mean they are cool little people, but they typically don’t fit into my schedule which is why I don’t have any yet. But, for some reason I really wanted to take my niece. I was so nervous, I’ve never taken her anywhere alone.  My friend assured me that I would have plenty of back up.  When I went to my sister’s house to pick her up, as soon as I walked in the door, my niece exclaimed “Ni Hao Auntie!”   Ni Hao…I asked my sister? Isn’t that Chinese for hello? My sister laughed and said yes it is, she watches some show like Dora the Explorer where the little girl speaks Chinese.  How cute for my 2 year old niece to greet me in Chinese.  I asked her about the special rules. You guys probably know our baby was a preemie (1.7 lbs at 24 weeks) so she’s got all kinds of stuff going on.  Aside from severe asthma and allergies, my sister said no strawberries, no citrus fruit, no pork, no egg whites, no peanuts.  “Uh….okay, is that all?”  No wonder I’m nervous I thought to myself.  She asked the baby is that all and she shook her head no. My sister says “oh yeah, no dairy or dogs”….  Well, me or my sister don’t eat pork and we’re both lactose intolerant so that part would be easy to remember.  She saw my worried look and asked “Do you want me to write it down?” I said “no I think I got it all.”  We loaded up her car seat into my car and we were off.  

I thought I got a great parking spot at the huge mall, but I grossly underestimated the challenge of walking with a two year old.  When we got inside the party she freaked out because of all of the balloons. She LOVES “ba-oons”.  Inside the party we had so much fun. As a paralegal, I was a little concerned that I had to sign a waiver before she played in the bounce house.  Of course I read every line, and hesitantly signed stating that I would not sue them for emotional distress, paralysis, head injuries, suffocation or death…This was just what the nervous Auntie needed to make her feel even more uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, my niece got in the castle shaped bounce house (she survived), played musical chairs, danced to the hokey Pokey, and even rode the real train around the mall.  When it was time to eat my friend offered her a fruit cup.  I quickly called my sister… can she have a fruit cup???  She told me a small fruit cup was okay just not to let her eat like a whole orange. I was happy that my niece chose the breadstick over the cheese pizza or the pizza with pork sausage. We had a blast!

We went to Cabela’s sporting goods store after the party to look at the giant turtles and the aquarium.  At the end of our adventure, there were no tears, no tantrums, no messy diapers.  After I returned her to Mommy, my friend and I met up for our usual weekend movie marathon.  We only saw two movies today “Just Go With It” and “Unknown”.  Surprisingly enough “Just Go With it” was much funnier than I anticipated, and even though Unknown had an unexpected twist, I still wanted it to be better.  Oh and before I forget, let me rewind, I knew today was going to be busy, so I got up and walked 2 miles at the gym this morning!

  1. We will pretend that that’s not my freakishly shrill high pitched voice in the video! LOL

  2. Your neice is adorable!

  3. Thanks Sharon! That’s my honey!

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