10 Real Facts About Today
1) I was exhausted, because I’m a workaholic
2) I had a headache
3) My stomach hurt
4) I couldn’t find my keys
5) I couldn’t find my iPod
6) I prayed to God to help me stay on track
7) It was a gorgeous Spring St. Patrick’s day and the sun was shining
8 ) Pandora Personalized radio on my Blackberry is super cool
9) I was determined not to let “life” stop me from training for my half marathon
10) Me and Nyah walked around the neighborhood for an hour until the sun set! 🙂

  1. Love it! My real facts are very different, but so much the same. . . When I saw that it was 50 at 5:30AM, I decided I was being silly and trying to make excuses. I managed to get my run in this morning too, despite all my efforts to the contrary.

  2. Angela, If we keep on trying on the days we least feel like it, we can be successful.

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