I remember years ago, I worked with a receptionist who told me you almost have to be “obsessed with losing weight” to be successful.  At the time I thought she was being a little extreme, but in hindsight, I almost have to agree with her.   I don’t mean obsessed in a bad way like my ex-boyfriend who is obsessed with me and hides in my bushes, but obsessed in a more productive manner.  If you have a serious weight problem and an unhealthy relationship with food, like I do; you do have to become sort of obsessed with losing weight.  You constantly have to find new ways to stay on track, write down EVERYthing you put in your mouth, and consciously make an effort to put healthy eating above daily mood swings and life changes.  Regardless of all the things going on around you, you constantly have to be mindful of the fact that you are making healthy lifestyle choices in an effort to lose weight.  I know I make it sound like a daunting task…but really it is.  However, if you are lucky, you are far enough in your process, that you acknowledge the fact that although it is a daunting task, it’s possible, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own.  For me, there are motivational books, blogs, prayer and of course the Weight Watchers program to help me through my journey.  Sometimes I’m in denial and think I don’t need all of that stuff.  I tell myself I know Broccoli=Good and French Fry = Bad.  But for severely overweight people is goes a little deeper than that.  I’m finally getting to the point that I’m okay with that.  So does this mean that I’ve found the golden key, and the weight will miraculously begin to melt off? Not necessarily, but I do feel like I getting to a new level in my journey. 

 I saw my arch nemesis, soft chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen at work today, and I walked right past them.  When I walked past again, they were out of the box, and seemingly on display.  Did I want some? Sure, but did I feel this compelling force inside that made me feel like I had to have them and that I “deserved a treat.” Nope!  It felt really good to be in that place.  Just like last night, about midnight, I felt like I wanted “something” to eat.  I had already used my daily WW points and I wasn’t truly hungry anyway.  I drank some water and went to bed.  It’s the little successes like this that I’m beginning to appreciate because eventually all of these seemingly small victories will turn into a huge reward.  So as Marianne said in her book, I may not be thin yet and I may not see progress on the scale just yet, but I can take comfort that I am finally at “the end of the beginning.”

  1. Hi Carli. Just wanted to thank you for getting my sister up off her butt today! We were to work out today. She came over and wasn’t at all thrilled that we were going to walk 2 miles (really 3 but I had to lie to her to get her to come). It just so happened that I had your post up and she sat down at my computer while I was getting ready. She started reading it. Then she read another. And another. Finally, I had to tell her it was time to get started. I didn’t realize she was inspired by this until we were on the stretch home. She was huffing and puffing and said, ‘If that girl Carli can do this, I can too!’. So, thanks for lighting that fire!

  2. Hi, I’ve never commented before but I wanted to let you know that I started reading your blog recently (I found it through the C25K facebook page, I think) and it always puts a smile on my face! I admire your determination to reach your goals, and your willingness to share your journey with the world. Thanks!!

  3. I like the blog and as always thanks for the motivation!

  4. I need a like button for this post. Wanted you to know that I treated myself this week to new workout clothes!!!! Sears had a mega clearance sale so I got some nordic track pants and tops. And I got 2 new sports bras are coming in the mail. Once I get unpacked, I plan to donate the old workout gear to Goodwill.

    Changing my treat habits – just hope it doesn’t put me in the poor house!

  5. Hey, Carli! I love that quote from Marianne that you said. I think I’m almost there… “At the end of the beginning”. I too have joined weight watchers in an effort to get my eating under control and understand more about why my eating needs controlling in the first place. I also wanted to tell you Thanks for the podcast! Love them! I like the variety of the music. I am on week 3 day 2 today and got a 5k scheduled in the near future.

    I took your advice about journaling from the podcast and started a blog. That’s all new for me, but is becoming very therapeutic.

    Thanks Girly! Keep up the good work.

  6. DD, ha! You’re just like me lying to your sister about the distance, just to get her to go. That’s hilarious. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Sister workouts are the best. I’m glad that I could help inspire you to inspire her. Go Team Sister!

  7. Ah Anna, one of those secret readers. I am too, I read some blogs almost daily and rarely comment. Thanks for coming out of the shadows. 🙂

  8. @ Hareraising, I just quoted that to myself this morning. Especially the part about acknowledging the small changes, like I buttoned my pants with ease instead of sucking in my stomach just to close them.

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