I did not want to work out alone today, so I waited until my little sister was available.  My god brother needed to use my car and cut my grass, so he dropped us off at the Park and I told him to come back in an hour.  It was much hotter outside than either of us realized.  Initially I said I was only going to walk, however since I had Week 3 playing in my ear I decided to go ahead and run anyway.  My sister thought I was crazy.  I actually felt kind of crazy running in the extreme heat and humidity, but I was really sick of Week 3.  Today was going to be my last day of 90 second and 3 minute running intervals.  After each of my casual jogging intervals my sis would do a quick sprint to catch up with me.  Then I decided to just walk back to my parent’s house.  She thought I was even crazier at this point.  But, I could not motivate myself to walk in circles around the Park, it was so hot that I felt like I needed a destination.  Nyah was with us and she looked pretty hot and tired in her big black fur coat.  At one point on the walk home, we saw one of those digital signs that told us it was a scorching 94 degrees.  We walked and walked some more.  I called my brother and told him to meet us at mom’s house instead of the park.  My sister really gave me a good laugh when she told me that she was so hot and out of breath that she actually felt like she was getting fatter as we walked.  We got so warm that we started to get a little snippy with each other, and we couldn’t really complete sentences or think straight.  The sun was baking us.  She over hydrated and had a little bit of an upset stomach.  Luckily, I think while training for the half marathon I learned the delicate balance of hydrating enough not to pass out but not too hydrated to the point that you feel the water sloshing in your stomach.

   By the time we got to the front door the Nike tracker said we had completed just under three miles, but realistically it felt like six.  We got some cold ice water and cooled down.  My great aunt, my big little sister, my niece, and some of my cousins were there, and to my surprise they had read my post about fruit water.  They said that it looked so good and recommended that I make a business out of it.  I had to tell them that I was “a day late and a dollar short”, and explained that some lady already had the stroke of genius a couple years ago and got rich from bottling Hint natural fruit flavored water.  I decided not to take the fruit out after the first day, and it tastes even better.   Anyway, I have the joy of saying I’m finally finally finished with week 3 and can move on to Week 4.  I’m walking in the Komen Race for the Cure 5K on June 11 and attempting to run a 5K on June 25.  I really need to put forth more effort to stick to my training schedule, as I’m already about a week and a half behind.  Well, that’s about it!  I hope you have a good Memorial Day holiday weekend.

  1. Oh Carli, I started Week 3 yesterday, and it was hot, humid, and raining, and for it to be so short, this week was hard! Im hoping I can push through come tomorrow, or guess what, I will be repeating this week? Yesterday, I was running along to interval training on my Ipod using my music, tomorrow, Im gonna give your podcast a shot. Something has got to give. Just thought I comment to let you know, you’re not the only one sick of Week 3.

  2. Hi Carli. I jus read that your running the Komen 5k and I just thought I would let you know about another amazing opportunity. In October, I am walking in the Komen 60 miles in 3 day walk in Atlanta. It’s not running but I thought that may be a really great goal for you to accomplish too. I have to raise a lot of money but the Komen foundation is totally worth it. I hope you give it a try.

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