I’ve been doing a good job of sticking to drinking only water.  Although, I probably should say mostly water.  I actually drink about 80% water throughout the day.  Every once and a while a tea or a juice will find a way to sneak in.  One of my commenter’s recommended that I make fruit water.  I have no idea if there is a special way to do it.  But, I bought a pretty pink drink set for $5, cut up some strawberries and lemons and added some water.  I let it sit in the fridge for a day to let the fruit infuse with the water.  And guess what?  It was surprisingly refreshing.  It had just a hint of lemon and a hint of strawberry. The flavors blended nicely.   It does not taste anything like strawberry lemonade, but it is a nice twist on basic water with very few, if any calories.  I think I’m going to take to the fruit out today, because the lemon flavor could become overbearing and make it too tart.  Have you ever made fruit water?  What fruit combinations do you use?

Strawberry Lemon Fruit Water

  1. Hi
    I never made fruit water, but I did add a couple leaves of mint to a big bottle, or lemon, or even both and it is super refreshing!!
    I even infused some lavender flower once, or chamomile flowers (they both grow in my garden)!!
    give it a try!!

  2. hi… the two I’ve liked the best are water with lemon slices; water with cucumber slices… the cucumber one is my favorite… has to be super ice cold…. I went to a foofoo spa and they had these near the hot tub and sauna….. yum

  3. I actually never use fruit, but I use 1 part orange juice and 7 parts water. It seems to keep my blood sugar up throughout the day. 🙂 I usually freeze it overnight and then drink it throughout the day.

  4. Hey Enrica! I think you’re on my Wall of Fame…glad to see you’re still with me. I would have never thought of lavender or chamomile. Honestly at first thought that sounded kind of gross, but then I realized that they make tea from that all of time. I don’t have a garden, or even know where to get it from but if I come across some, I will definitely try it! Thanks.

  5. I went to a foo foo spa with my Hollywood Aunt once in California, and they had some cucumber water by the hot tub. I can’t even remember if I tried it. It was probably too “weird” for me, right along with sitting in a tub with naked ladies I didn’t know. LOL! I’m loving the fruit water I made, as soon as I walk in the house, I’m pouring another glass it’s so refreshing and guilt free…no real sugar to make you fat and no fake sugar to give you cancer.

  6. Z, I think I will add orange slices to my next batch, I can’t get enough of this water.

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