Sometimes the gym reminds me of church. Whenever you backslide and don’t show up regularly like you’re supposed to; they are still right there waiting for you with open arms. I have not worked out in days and days and days. It’s been so hot that the heat has drained my energy. But, I decided that I could no longer use the heat as an excuse and made up my mind that I needed to go to the gym. It was much cooler outside today; it was only about 96 degrees. Although, I have been keeping busy reading and writing a lot while hiding out indoors. I even started the reading the Harry Potter Series. I know I’m late, but I had to read the series by a lady that sold 11 Million books in one day. It’s amazing how she links every detail together in her books…I’ve got some of my own great book ideas floating around in my head, so I took a pen and paper with me to the gym. I scribbled down some of my thoughts as they came to me while I leisurely walked on the treadmill.

The sun was still beaming down on me through the wall length glass windows, and even though they had on the air-conditioning it still felt like I was walking outside in the heat. At one point I started to feel like the sun was only shining on me alone as some sort of punishment for missing so many days. I was drenched in sweat by mile two. I was really ready to leave and head home, but I figured the least I could do was walk three full miles. I managed to scribble a few more thoughts onto my paper before I was totally distracted by the man who got on the bike machine next to me. He was singing along with his music headphones so loudly. I know every once in a while we all hum the chorus, but this guy was singing every lyric and missing every note. At one point I was almost thinking I was supposed to be singing along with him. Finally, a lady walked past and asked him who he was talking to. Embarrassed, he explained that he was singing along with his music. She teased him a little bit about his “singing” voice. He must not have realized how loud he was. I was glad that she talked to him, because his off key melodies were now transformed into a quiet hum. I was so distracted by his “singing”, and the weird little muddy water sports competition show on TV that the last mile was over before I knew it. I walked a 5K on the treadmill.  It feels good to stop making excuses and get back to where I belong.

  1. oooh, Im guilty of singing along and talking back to you and Suz (Inside the mind of Suz) podcasts. I don’t think I’m loud, but I do know some dude was watching me mouth the lyrics to a Rhianna song!

    As long as the front desk staff doesn’t say “hey, where have you been? we’ve been missing you”, you can fill the collection plate with your sweat and feel welcomed without any judgement.

  2. I love how you admit it when you fall off the horse. I love it even more that you keep jumping back on!

  3. I was on the treadmill one day and the guy next to my was totally rocking to some great music, he was playing the “air drums” and having a blast and it made the work out fly by…I should’ve asked what he was listening to because he was sure enjoying it!

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