It seems that you guys liked my post about the Zucchini Fries.  I often try to prepare new foods, so I wanted to share my Spinach Smoothie recipe.  It’s green, delicious and nutritious! Don’t be afraid to try it.

Ingredients:  You Need a Blender

A Handful of Fresh Spinach Leaves

6 oz Yogurt OR a Cup of Vanilla Almond Milk

Banana (Optional)

Blueberries (Optional)

Strawberries (Optional)

100% Maple Syrup (Optional Sweetener)

and Ice

  • First, Blend the Spinach with the milk.  This will prevent chunks of leaves in your smoothie.  Then add ice and any remaining ingredients until smooth and creamy. 

  • Some people say “you can’t taste the spinach.”  That’s not totally true, it has a very mild flavor that’s easily over-powered by the fruit flavors.  I found this smoothie to be refreshing and filling. 

  • You can also add strawberries, but I heard it turns it brown.  I liked the vibrant green color, so I stuck the strawberry on the side.  This smoothie is quick and easy, and can be tweaked so many ways.  If you use frozen fruit, then you don’t need the ice cubes. 

  • In the smoothie pictured, I used spinach, vanilla almond milk and ice, garnished with a fresh strawberry.  I did not use the syrup or yogurt because the Vanilla almond milk is very sweet. 

  • Create your own Smoothie with your favorite fruit and let me know how it turns out!

    1. Here’s my favorite.

      2 big hand fulls of cleaned spinach
      1/2 cup frozen blueberries (a punch of anti-oxidents)
      Banana (if desired)
      Tablespoon of flax seed
      Toss in a couple of ice cubes
      splash in Crystal Light till fully blended (I usually use orange or green tea)

      It’s very low in calories and carbs… depending on the fruit used… and VERY good for you. After a couple of weeks my skin just glows.

      The nice thing is… you can use just about anything. Interesting take on the Maple Syrup.

    2. I tried the smoothie this morning with just the spinach, almond milk and a splenda. It wasn’t too bad, but I will try it again in the morning with a banana for a little sweetness.

      Thanks for sharing!

    3. I just made this – almond milk, spinach and frozen strawberries, with raspberries as well… no added sweetener (other than the vanilla almond milk) and no ice, because of the frozen strawberries… (A little seedy from the raspberries – but yes, brown, yes DELICIOUS and yes – FILLING! )

      Thanks for the post,

    4. Many Hats, I’m glad you enjoyed the smoothie, I haven’t made this in while. I’ll think I’ll go buy some fresh spinach tonight.

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