Yesterday, was a great day. My Special friend had the weekend off and spent the day with me. He went with me to a Breast Cancer awareness fashion show at my friend’s job, and then we had lunch at Blueberry Hill, a local eatery in the U-City Loop. After lunch, we went to my Grandfather’s 80th birthday party. Since we’ve only been dating for a month, it might seem a little soon to meet the family. But, if you know me, and how much time I spend with my family, you might as well meet them and see what we’re all about. To spend time with me, usually means spending time with my family. My Mama and my sisters thought he was really nice. My Dad said he needs to really talk to him to see if he “has any sense.” LOL! Anyway, everything went well, my Aunts, Uncles and all of us grandchildren were there. Good food, family and line dancing always makes for a fun time.
Last night after the dinner party, my friend from college was in town, and spent the night at my house. I cooked breakfast for us this morning before watching Joel Osteen and heading to the park. It was such a beautiful day. I can’t believe we’re getting weather like this in October. It was a sunny 72 degrees. I couldn’t paint a prettier day if I tried. I walked 2 miles with Nyah, and did a few jogging spurts to spice things up. I’m so out of shape, I really need to get back to a more consistent workout routine. I keep “forgetting” to sign up for boot camp class. Maybe I’ll do that this week.

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