Well, first let me say I’m sorry for things being so quiet on my blog.  But, my Mama always taught me if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all…. I didn’t have anything particularly encouraging or exciting to talk about, so I didn’t put up a new post.  Things are pretty much still the same.  I haven’t pulled the scale out of the closet.  No more tortuous morning weigh-ins to tamper with my mood.  My little sister (home from college in New Orleans to escape Hurricane Isaac) was quite surprised to see that my scale was gone from it’s usual spot.  She didn’t feel like getting it out the closet either.  Putting it in the top of the closet has definitely helped curb my desire to obsessively weigh myself.

One thing is different in my life though, I’m no longer friends with my “Special Friend.” (Pause for *gasp*) It’s kinda sad. I miss him, because we usually talk and text every day.  But, ultimately his definition of “friend” was quite different from mine.  He wanted certain things I wasn’t willing to do, and vice versa.  It ended amicably, but I think we’re both too stubborn to ever be friends again.  Some friends are for a lifetime and some are for a season.  I guess our friendship was for a season.  So, I decided I could be sad and eat cookies, or do something else.  However, I did both.  I ate cookies and ice cream and signed up for a 5K today.   I actually miss running.  I get emails and Facebook posts everyday from people who got up and ran a 5K with my help.  It’s time to help myself.  I sometimes feel like “not another 5K,” I wanna do something different. That’s why I usually do the elliptical machine when I go to the gym.  I’m almost tired of 5K’s, but I can’t just up and run a 10K or a marathon, without proper training.  That’s what makes running so rewarding, because it takes dedication and your reward comes on race day when you cross the finish line, and on training days when you manage to go the furthest or the fastest you’ve ever run.  You feel so good after a run.  Well, you might be physically hurting, but you still feel great!  It’s instant gratification.  Never once have I said, I wish I would have sat on the couch instead of running these miles.  So, I printed out a blank calendar, and wrote in the training schedule.  I paid the entry fees and race day is early November.  I start training on Saturday.  I just have to tell myself, “you’ve done it before, you can certainly do it again!”

  1. Hey Carli, I’m sorry that you have gone through a tough time. You’ve suffered a loss and you allowed yourself to grieve, that’s good. That happens, life happens! All we can do is pick ourselves up, dust off our attitude and keep on keeping on! I’m glad to know you are at the dusting off stage and that you have plans to keep on keeping on!

    You were my biggest (well only fan) when I began running! I had no running buddy but you. Your were in my ear, telling me how great I was doing and that I COULD make it that last bit when I wanted to crumple up on the sidewalk.

    Let me now be a little voice in your ear saying, “You’ve got this girl, you CAN do it!”

    Love and blessings and keep doing what you do, you are changing lives for sure!!


  2. Hi Carli-
    I have to agree with what Val said. You were MY motivation, too, when I started running, cheering me on through the C25K plan with your podcasts. I can’t thank you enough for it! So I’m here to cheer for you as you put your running shoes back on and work toward November’s 5K. You CAN do it, Carli!!

  3. Ms Carli,

    An old friend once told me her philosophy regarding friendships that I always have kept in my thoughts….”Sometimes friends come and go. Maybe that person just needed you in their lives for those moments. Maybe you needed that person for those moments. Whatever the reason they entered your life, most likely you enriched their lives. Cherish the good times and let go.”

    I want to remind you of all the good you have done…I read all the posts of the people you have helped and encouraged!! Me included! Know that even though we have never met, there are hundreds of women out here rooting for you, loving you, and believing in you. You are a fierce woman….strong, caring, and beautiful.

    Peace be with you Carli!

    Jo Anne, Seattle

  4. Your are great and will rock that 5k in November! I’m glad to hear your little sister is safe. Best wishes to you. Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!

  5. Thanks Valerie! That’s my motto, keep it moving. I will keep your voice in my ear. It’s time to get back to running.

  6. Thanks Jen, I’ve got my cute new running shoes, no excuses!

  7. JoAnne, thanks for your kind words, that is so true, we learned a lot from each other and about each other. I think it was a great growing experience. Thanks for commenting, I love to hear from you guys (well ladies, lol) because, I see the stats, but when you share your stories and experiences it makes it so much more real. 🙂

  8. Hey Aubree, I almost forgot it was a 3 day weekend! Woo-Hoo! Yep, little sis is safe and sound, we had lunch today. I can’t wait to start training again, it’s time to focus on me.

  9. You are welcomed to come around my way in Nov. Rock n Roll San Antonio will be my first half marathon on my 40th bday thanks to your 5k plan. I sure do miss your posts, but I totally understand. My own blog has languished for months, but I can see the sunshine coming out.

  10. Hey Tex!! I missed you! Congrats on your first half! I had NO Idea you were close to 40, you look great, I thought you were my age. The sunshine is coming,and I’m excited.

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