I woke up in this morning telling myself I was going to the gym. I had my gym clothes already picked out. As soon as I got home from work and got dressed, my back and knee started hurting. I thought maybe it was just psychological. You know, since I didn’t really want to go run, maybe I was telling myself I was hurting? But nope, baby that pain was real. I laid down on the floor and did some back stretches. Surprisingly, that helped a little. I started telling myself, you’re too fat, your boobs are huge and heavy, maybe you can’t run until you lose some weight. Then I had to catch myself and stop the negative talk. The whole car ride to the gym, I repeated “I’m going to the gym and I’m finishing Week 1.”

When I pulled up I saw I had 2 missed calls from my Big Little Sister. When I called her back, she wanted to go to the gym too. I was already at the new gym, but I told her I’d meet her up at the YMCA, where we have the family membership. I got on a treadmill, and the guy next to me was on oxygen. I really missed the young, hip, fit vibe of the new gym. It gives me something to strive for. My sister was the opposite, she said it inspired her to see overweight older people working out. I guess I understand that mindset too, if they can do it, so can I.

When I ran my first interval, she screamed with excitement “Oh MY GOD, look at you RUNNING!” Everyone turned and looked at me; I do not like all that attention. But, it was nice for my sister to notice my progress. However, after the 4th interval run, my “Mind of Matter” started to give up on me. My body just hurt too much. I had to stop. But I didn’t quit. I got on the stationary bike. It’s not weight-bearing, and had support for my back. I pedaled while she did sprints on the treadmill next to me. I pedaled for almost 2 miles. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted, but I definitely gave it everything I physically could.

After we left the weight room, we went into the steam room. Although my new gym is a more motivational, the Y does have bonus stuff like a pool, sauna and steam room. It was so refreshing. It helped clear up my usually unrelenting nasal allergies and relaxed my sore muscles. We felt so good we that we stood outside the gym talking for a least a half hour, just enjoying the almost Fall cool breeze. I went home satisfied. I didn’t finish Week 1, but I knew that I gave it all I had. And that was just fine by me. 

  1. Hi Carli-
    Just wanted to say that you are so motivating! You have a such a great outlook. I have loved the last few posts about motivation and discipline and also the reminder that even if you don’t have the best day working out, if you gave it your all that is great too. Thanks for the encouragement! Best of luck on your 5k training!

  2. Thanks Michelle, I’m working really hard on becoming more disciplined. Thanks for your support!

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