On Saturday, my friend and my sister wanted to go to the Taste of St. Louis. The “Taste” is an outdoor event where local restaurants set up booths, and sell tastes or samples of their food. I was a little anxious about going to a food event, because I’m still on my fast from desserts. However, as I finish up my 2nd week, I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger.  Sometimes I might have a craving and feel like I want something sweet, but that strong compulsion that I  have to have it and have no control over it has somewhat waned. When we got to the Taste there were all sorts of restaurants, some of my favorites and some I had never heard of before. Of course there were plenty of desserts, everything from ice cream in fresh waffle cones, red velvet cake to cheesecake.  Everyone was walking around eating it and talking about how delicious it tasted. However, I was able to stay strong.  

My sister found a booth where they had bread pudding, so she purchased a sample and offered me to taste some. I was surprised that she had done that because she was fully aware of my fasting from desserts. She continued on to tell me how mouth-watering delicious it was and urged me to try some. I don’t really like bread pudding but it did look good especially with whatever kind of sugar glazed sauce was covering it. I reminded her “you know I’m on my no desserts fast right?” “Oh just try a little bite,” she pleaded. I was so thrown off because I didn’t expect that from her. She waved the fork in my face with the bread pudding on the end, tempting me try some. I almost panicked not really knowing what to do; would one little bite harm me? Would that small bite be breaking the fast? Is bread pudding really even dessert? It’s not on my list of No-No food to avoid, so technically I could eat it.  All of these things came crashing through my mind,  at the same time then I remembered that this is a spiritual journey, and I am supposed to rely on biblical scripture in times of need. Of course this type of thinking is still new to me.  But, I’m trying to go to a new level spiritually and rely on God and not give in to food. So I told my sister, who is also a Christian “Jesus was fasting in the desert and the devil tempted him and Jesus told him, “that man shall not live on bread pudding alone!” I could not even remember the rest of the scripture, but she was so thrown off she exclaimed “did you really just hit me with some scripture?” I laughed and said yes I did, at least some variation of it.  And guess what?!  She stopped waving that bread pudding in my face. I learned that sometimes that temptation can come from places that you would least expect, even your family! In the car ride home she made up a funny song about bread pudding being in the Bible. We got a good laugh out of it but on the inside I was so proud of my progress and that I was able to see my faith and my beliefs and put into action for the benefit of my good.

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  1. OMG I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize i was playing devils advocate… I was honestly so caught up in everything else that i didn’t notice how much it was tempting you. I knew how much you don’t like it soi really didn’t know it was tempting for real. In my mind it was like someone waving pork in our faces. I feel so bad…. Smh at myself…. As you may have realized, i didn’t offer you any cake at Js party. You are doing great on your fast and i pray you continue 🙂 i support you 100% ,sorry again

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