This morning, I scheduled a gym appointment with my Gym Cousin to train for Week 3 after work, but my phone was giving me trouble. My iPhone speaker wasn’t working, so I had to go to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store to get it checked out. The speaker was totally dead. They swapped it out for a new phone and transferred all of my data. The new phone was identical, all the way down to the background pic of me and my sis from this weekend, but all of this set me way back. Fortunately, I had the foresight to have on my gym clothes when I left the house, so at least I was dressed. I didn’t get to the gym until almost 9 PM, thank goodness, he was still there, looking at his watch giving me the eye. “I’m sooooo sorry!” I told him. There were several treadmills available to choose from since the typical after work crowd had dwindled down.

I was a little nervous about tackling Week 3. Not only was it a new week, but I hadn’t worked out in nearly a week, due to twisting my ankle on Nyah’s doggie bone. My ankle was feeling better, and I was glad that I hadn’t pushed myself to train or worry too much about being a week behind schedule. It was surprisingly not really bad, and refreshing to hear new music. During our walking breaks, we confessed our food sins; McDonald’s for him, and I ate Blue Bell Ice Cream my little sister brought in from Kansas City. We also talked about going to visit my Hollywood Aunt in California this summer. We both travel all the time, but rarely together, so we figured it would be fun since we mesh well together. We’re like peanut butter and jelly. When the podcast ended my cousin had finished all four running intervals. I didn’t make it through the entire 3 minute long running intervals, but I added an extra bonus run at the end. I physically could have done more, but it was late and I was mentally drained. I went home and talked on the phone to my Special Friend before he went to work. Things are SO much better this time around. I wasn’t the only one with issues, and he’s gone to counseling too. How crazy is that?! We’ve pretty much learned how to speak each other’s language now. That six month sabbatical did us a lot of good… Week 3 Day 2, here I come!

P.S. check out my new hair!

P.P.S I stopped eating lunch when I got full! (Nothing short of a miracle for me, I’m the President of the Clean Plate Club)


  1. You know the Blue Bell factory is only an hour drive from Houston? There’s a fun run in April…and you get all the blue bell you can eat at the end. Yes, I’m going!!!!

    Glad to read your ankle is healed and love the new hair.

    If you’re the Pres, I’m the VP of Ops – working on packing up most of my plate in to-go containers and using smaller plates at home.

    Big Whoop Whoop for you and your accomplishments this week. Way to go!

  2. Hey LaShaune!! We had never even heard of Blue Bell until she went to college down in New Orleans. She found out that they have it in KC too, and brought me some to try. We don’t have it here in St Louis. It was TOO good. I left the rest of the ice cream in the carton at my Parents house. It made me want cookies and everything else. (YIKES) …But during lunch, that’s exactly what I did. I feel less wasteful if I pack it up. I ate the rest of the sandwich for an afternoon snack.

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