I must admit, today was a pretty awesome day. Nope, I didn’t win the lottery or meet my future husband but it was quite awesome for a regular rainy Tuesday. I made a Facebook post about how I had planned ahead, by packing my lunch last night so that I would be prepared and not tempted to eat fast food at work today. As I was prepping my salad, my co-workers came running up to me and screamed “STOP!” Confused I replied, “Ummm it’s just a spinach salad.” Then he told me the department attorney was taking us out for Staff Appreciation Day.  I put away my salad and we all went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.  I was committed to eating healthy, I did not eat a single tortilla chip. Miraculously, the world did not stop spinning on it’s axis, and I was still able to enjoy everyone’s company.  I ordered a fresh salad topped with tilapia. I was so proud of myself for not letting “free food” derail me from my healthy eating plan. Free food is such a weakness for me, like I’m still a broke college kid excited about a free meal outside of the dining hall.

Later that afternoon, I ate some peanuts before my counseling session to curb my dinner appetite that often temps me to go to the drive thru. I told my counselor that I’m struggling with the idea I should probably never eat sugar again and didn’t want to accept that. She told me to plan a strategic “cheat day” once a week. Of course I’ve thought about a planned cheat day, but I never really implemented it. I might give it a try, everything else she’s suggested has done well and works for me.

I called my Gym Cousin afterwards and told him to meet me at the gym. Of course, he was already planning to go anyway. I got on the elliptical stair climber thingy and climbed for 30 minutes. I remember when I first started going to the gym I couldn’t do it for even five minutes. Unfortunately, it made my feet hurt, and my knees a little sore, so I don’t think I will do it for that long next time. I’ll probably stick to the regular elliptical machine and the treadmill. My cousin arrived just as I finished, and we got on treadmills next to each other. We talked about celebrity gossip and who’s dating who. I was also catching a sneak peek of my gym time guilty pleasure the Kardashians. Some of it is clearly scripted, but it’s so doggone entertaining… I did an easy walk for 30 minutes.  My cousin told me he was “just getting started” and I told him my hour was up, and I was headed home out getting of the rain. Once I got home I had to really give myself a pat on the back. I was able to sync up healthy eating and fitness and caring for my emotional well-being all in one day. It feels great to go to bed in peace knowing I made healthy decisions.

P.S.  I lost 2.8 pounds this week!  Woot-Woot! 16 pounds lost.

  1. Good for you Carli!! So proud of you and what an amazing weight loss. I have now gone thru you couch to 5k podcast for the second time and am running 3 miles now! Just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me and I know you can do anything you set your mind to!!

  2. Glad you sticking to it! I have thought about doing a cheat day, but I still dont think that I would end up just cheating one day. Let me know how you do. We are all behind you. Hugs!!!!

  3. Thank Lori, running 3 miles is awesome!

  4. Tam, I feel ya! It makes me nervous, will one day lead to the next and the next?? But If I really think about it, I cheat anyway..so .planning it might actually work out better. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. congrats!! greetings from Boston/Cambridge…where things are starting to feel back to normal… thanks for your sweet post of support… I think I need a gym cousin….. he sure seems to come in handy… congrats to him on the 5K too… I KNEW you could do it…. #bostonstrong

  6. Oh Yeah, Mama Helen I forgot u were up that way, I knew u were on the east coast. I’m SO glad you’re safe and things are starting to get back to normal up there. I watched that Dateline special tonight, OMG, just Crazy….But yes, that Gym Cousin of mine is handy, he literally works out Everyday. I just text him not too long ago and told him his our new pic is on the Wall of Fame. As always thanks for your support #bostonstrong

  7. Carli, have you tried dates? They are so sweet it makes me think I’m cheating!

  8. Carli that is so awesome. I am happy for the lbs lost.

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