I Can Lift 135 Pounds By Myself!

Hey Everybody!  I hope you had a good Memorial Day Holiday.  I certainly enjoyed my day off work and had two family barbeques. I was supposed to work out Saturday, but I went to my cousin’s baby shower and I never got around to it. My Gym cousin text me Sunday asking what time we were meeting at the gym. I had just left church, but knew that I had no excuses, so I met him at the gym.  He told me it was his second time there! He said he had to burn off the food that we ate at the baby shower yesterday. He truly has earned his “Gym Cousin” title.


We are signed up to run another 5K on June 15 Father’s Day, the Go St. Louis All American race. We’re only on Week 4, so we are a little behind schedule. The gym Wi-Fi internet was acting kind of wonky, so it was difficult to listen to the podcast on my phone directly from through my website. I acknowledged how crazy it was that I “Carli Fierce” and him the “Gym Cousin” didn’t have the  Couch to 5K podcasts already downloaded.  But,  in my defense, I actually do have them downloaded, but they’re on my iPod and not on my iPhone…Anyway, since it wouldn’t play on our phones, we did it old-school and watched the minutes tick by as we ran on the treadmill. That was no fun, it reminded me of why I created the podcast in the first place.  I will make sure that Carli Fierce actually has Carli Fierce’s podcast downloaded next time. LOL!

I survived the runs and I feel ready for next week. I snapped a sweaty selfie picture and text it to my trainer. He gets so excited to see to me sweat and even more excited when I work out without him. He replied back with an enthusiastic “YES!” He had written an upper body work out for me, so we hit the weights after the run. This was the first time that I was strong enough to do deadlifts alone, without his supervision.  I can deadlift 135 pounds! (The bar weighs 45 lbs, and each weight on the side weighs 45 lbs)


Carli doing a dead lift

My Gym Cousin said, “Wow you make that look easy.”  It seems kind of weird that I could pick up a 135 pound person if I had to. I used to be so afraid of lifting weights, I was afraid that I would look like a man, I was even afraid cross over to the “boy’s side” of the gym beyond the treadmills and ellipticals. But, really that was all just uniformed silliness.   Lifting weights has, burned calories and toned up my arms and legs. I’ve been doing it since August of last year with increasingly heavier weights, and I have yet to look like a man. So ladies, no worries!  It’s okay to lift weights with proper form and training. After the deadlifts I was supposed to do push presses.  I couldn’t remember exactly what push presses were, so I had to Google a picture.

How to Do a Push Press

Then I had to press 70 pounds. Five sets with five reps each.  Lastly I did pull ups on the assisted pull-up machine. I definitely struggled through the 4th set. I was even more sweaty than I was after my run, but I felt super strong and accomplished!


Upper Body work out from my trainer

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  1. Hey lady! Yes I’m still alive and kicking. Well mainly walking but still going. So happy for all that you do!!! Keep it up!

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