boot-camp-poster21I’ve missed saturday morning boot camp for the past few weeks because I had saturday appointments with the allergy doctor. That’s all finished now, and its time to get back to my Saturday morning routine. I rolled over and saw that the clock said 7:03 AM. I always think it’s funny when my internal alarm clock goes off, because that’s the time my real alarm clock normally goes off for work. I dozed off a little bit, but got up at 8am for Boot Camp. I’m happy that they changed Boot camp class from 7:30 to 8:30 AM. It was so much easier to get up today at the later time. I sent a wake up text to my Gym Cousin, brushed my teeth, washed my face, made a chocolate protein shake and headed out the door. My Gym Cousin said you sound bright and chipper today, like you’re ready to run a marathon. I certainly wasn’t feeling marathon level motivated, but I must admit I felt alert and awake, probably because I’ve been eating good for the past couple days. Before that, I felt like my food was spiraling out of control. That’s such a scary feeling! I had to ask for help. My Big Little sister and my mom have been helping me stay on track. I’ve been texting my sister pictures of my food, per her request. Accountability is everything. I hate asking for help, but we all need it.

We parked near the art museum in Forest Park, and walked over to Art Hill. We were instructed to do 21 deadlifts, V-sits (they’re kind of like sit ups), push-ups and run down the big hill. Which of course means we have to come up the hill too. We had to do three rounds of this circuit, each time decreasing the number of repetitions by three. I jokingly said “this is too early for math.” I used the 70 pound kettle bell weight to do my deadlifts. A dead lift is basically a squat but lifting a weight when you stand up. It felt super heavy, but I did it anyway. That hill was a complete monster. Going down is okay but coming up takes me a while. Boot camp is such a team environment, it’s so nice to have supportive people cheering you on. I was jogging down the hill and my Gym Cousin was coming up the hill. When we crossed each other, he turned around and went back down with me. I love that dude! Finally, I was nearing the top of the hill on the last round and one of the trainers told me to “jog it in you can do it.” And, I guess it’s mostly a mental thing because, I did it, I ran it in without stopping. I couldn’t believe it, but I did it! Boot Camp = DONE! What’s your activity planned for the weekend?


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  1. AWESOME! I’m heading to the store to do some weekly food prep. I’m far too embarrassed to hit the classes yet, but your posts give me hope. GOOD JOB!

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