Good Morning Fiercelings! Welcome to Day 3 of the Lose the Love Handles Challenge! I was supposed to work out with Dan last night, but some guy had electronically scheduled in my regular Thursday spot.  Dan was super apologetic.  I told him with a laugh, “That’s ok, I’ll just go home.”

“Oh, No you won’t!” He said grabbing a pen and scribbling down a workout.

I had to run a 1/4 mile, do 20 sit-ups, do 20 kettle bell swings with the 25 lb kettle bell, and 40 toe touches, followed by a 2 minute rest, then repeat the cycle as many times as possible in 45 minutes. Dan is the only person in the world that calls them “toe touches.”  Most people would assume you stand up and reach down and touch your toes.  Nope.  In Dan’s version, you get down in a push up plank position, and reach down with your right hand touching your left foot, then your left hand reaches under and touches your right foot.  Due to my giant boobs and stomach, mine are more like “knee touches” but it still gets the desired sweat effect.  I got in about three and a half rounds while watching Wheel of Fortune on the gym TVs. Man I wanted that lady to get the Million Dollars.  Oh well.  Anyway, I didn’t do the Love Handles Challenge, I didn’t have the my phone with me at the gym to see what I was supposed to do.  So, I’ll do Day 2 (5 Side Plank, 5 Twist, 10 Bicycle Crunches) and Day 3 (7 Side plank, 7 twists, 10 bicycle crunches)today.  How’s it going for you?  I think it’s fun to have a challenge!

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