Greetings Fiercelings! I deserve a time out for being a naughty blogger. I just disappeared on everybody. I’m sorry. Let me first say I’m doing Great! I hope you all are well too. Let me catch you up on things. Mostly I’m spending free time revising my Novel. Back in November of last year I won (completed) the NanoWriMo challenge. That’s where you write 50,000 words in a month and “win” if you meet that goal. I did it! At first I thought I had written 50,000 words of gibberish, but after putting it down for a while, I realized it’s not.  It’s a fiction suspense novel called The Feast, it has nothing at all do with running or fitness.  It actually surprised me because I just “knew” my first book I attempted to write and get published would be non-fiction about weight loss and fitness.  But anyway… Life is good y’all. I just had a birthday. I’m 34 years young.

My Niece spent the summer here in St. Louis with us and her Dad. She’s so freaking big OMG. You’d never know she was a pound and half preemie when she was born. She’s 7 years old now.

She just went back to Florida, with her mom, my Big Little Sister. My Sister is a single mom doing the dang thang.  She bought a house! I’m so super proud of Big Little Sis doing Big things.

My Little Sister is going into her Senior year in college and just turned 21. Can you believe she’s legal now? That’s nuts. She had like six different birthday events, by that Sunday night, my body reminded me that I’m NOT 21 anymore and I can not party with 21 year olds all weekend. LOL

My Parents are doing great, still liking and loving each other. Just celebrated 38 years of marriage. Talk about role models.

My relationship…hmmm or the lack there of. I met one guy online, said he lived in Florida.  That’s cool my sister and niece live there.  Right? Nope, WRONG,  he was really a Nigerian scam artist. After talking and texting every day for 3 weeks, he asked me to send him $784 to Nigeria…umm NO! Please believe I took all the information I had about him and reported him to the FBI.  I went out with a local guy, we went out maybe 5-6 times… good right? Nope. He was a control freak. I ultimately had to end that a couple of weeks ago. So now, I’m just focusing on me. Trying to get myself together.

One of my lawyers at work that lives totally debt free got me hip to Financial Guru Dave Ramsey.  Now I’m on a mission to become DEBT FREE. I’ve sold all kinds of stuff (even my favorite leopard print shoe chair)

And I moved back into the carriage house at my parents’ house. I own my apartment duplex, so I’m renting out both units to pay off these student loans faster. Masters degrees aren’t cheap.

So let’s see, that’s family, dating, money. Oh! I should probably talk about what you came here for. A food and fitness update. I’m so over diets. Right now I’m doing Intuitive Eating. They’ve got 10 principles, which basically are no foods are off limits, eat when hungry, stop when satisfied.   It’s MUCH harder than it sounds. (What does satisfied feel like? Aren’t I hungry all the time?)

But I’m slowly relearning my true natural hunger and fullness cues. Relearning to trust the way my body was designed. The scale is put away again. I’m finally focusing on being healthy not just chasing skinny or a number. Not choosing to workout just because it will burn calories, but because I enjoy it and feel good afterwards.

I’m doing physical activity I enjoy. I do not enjoy the elliptical. But I have totally fallen in love with yoga. Can you believe it? It’s like Greek yogurt, the first time I tried it, I thought it was terrible. Now I eat it at least 3-4 times a week. The first time I tried yoga, I was nauseous at the end of class.  Now I do yoga, a couple of times a week. This lady Jessamyn is my plus sized yoga role model! (She’s got a potty mouth, but she still inspires me)

Posing poster: Jessamyn Stanley, pictured, posts pictures of herself in yoga poses on her popular Instagram account, which has over 59,000 followers

And even though I’m on a tight zero-based budget (income minus out go equals zero) I invested in a Class Pass. $79 a month, unlimited classes at local boutique gyms and studios. Remember way back in February they gave me a free month to try, and I went to ballet class? Well I finally paid up and it’s awesome! I’ve worked out 6 of the past 7 days. I NEVER work out that much. This week alone, I’ve done yoga twice, meditation, African fusion dance, Boxing, Zumba and met with my trainer.  They even have aerial pilates if that’s your thing.

I’ll try my best to be more consistent with these posts. I should at least put some quick updates on my Facebook page when I don’t have time for a full post.  But I have to finish this book.

So what’s up with y’all? I literally think about my blog and you guys every day. Fill me in! Did you finish your first 5K? Made it all the way to a 10K?


  1. Hey lady, so great to hear from you. I’m not running at this time but working out and eating alot better. I feel great. You got me started years ago and I love you for it. Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep us posted on the book!

  2. Hay Carli so glad to get an updated missed your post. I am recouping from foot surgery, and so ready to get back to running. I am aiming for the Jingle Bell run at Christmas, may have todo part of it walking but hay at least I have a goal in mind. Good luck with the book.

  3. So glad to see your update and that all is well. I vowed to train for my 1st half marathon at the beginning of the year. I’ve since decided it’s just not going to be something that I can put above my other fitness loves. So…I’ve abandoned the idea for now and went full on into crossfit, zumba and now yoga. I’m loving it!

  4. Hey Carli, glad to hear everything is going great for you. In the last few months I have gains several pounds and I freaked out only once over it. I don’t own a scale so I too am just focusing on a better me.Starting with finances, love,family and health I’m sure I’ll lose all this extra summer weight and go back to being a thick Madam! Thanks for posting!

  5. Carli! So glad to see you back on the interwebs – welcome back!

  6. Hi Carli, I ran with your music maybe since 2012 and now I regularly run a 5k every Saturday with Parkrun! Just a quick note to say Thank you and love reading about your progress! I have started eating more a paleo style diet giving up grains, sugar, dairy, it’s not easy but it’s working so far Thank you again for your updates on the blog and congrats on your achievements so far!

  7. Hi Carli,
    I learned how to run using your podcasts back in 2012. For health reasons, I stopped running in September 2014. BUT it’s time to get back on track… so what do I turn to? Your podcasts! Thank you so much for them.

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