What is Shred 415?

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Class Pass always pushes me outside of my comfort zone, but in the best possible way.  I usually sign up for whatever class fits my schedule on any given day.  Today, I wanted to get home before Empire came on, so I scheduled an early evening class at Shred 415.  I guess I should explain what it is for those who may not know.  Some ladies in Chicago started a class that combines running on the treadmill mixed with free weights and a step.  Half of the class starts on the treadmills the other half starts on the step with the free weights for strength training.  Then you alternate between the floor and treadmill for four 15 minute high intensity intervals.

This was my second time taking a Shred 415 class, but let me tell you, different teachers make all the difference.  So if you try a group fitness class and don’t really like it, give it a second or third chance with a different instructor.  The experience can be totally different.  For example after my first Shred 415 class I went to last week, I thought “wow that was really tough.”  It was pretty cool to walk sideways and turn around and walk backwards on the treadmill.  However, today I thought “This is like the last class, but on steroids mixed with Red Bull.”

 Last week my goal was not to fall off the step or trip on the treadmill. Today, my goal was to make it through the class without vomiting.  Let me tell you, I had to do modifications on 90% of the floor exercises.  The power walking instructor was so great I don’t know how you can direct two groups of people doing two totally different exercises at the same time in the same class room.  On the final treadmill run, I was running at a 5.0 on the treadmill and she came up and whispered to me, “you can bump it up a little more, make yourself proud.”  I was already quite proud that I was still running while the skinny girl a few machines down was walking, but I bumped it up a notch anyway through until the finish line. I did feel quite proud. The whole atmosphere creates a crazy fun energy that pushes you to go harder and faster.

If you’re not a beginner and in Chicago or St. Louis, check it out!

  1. Hello, Carli! I believe that both interval and circuit training allow us to get more out of our training sessions. Burn more calories, increase fitness, and prevent boredom. What more can we ask for?

    • Thanks for your comment. That’s the great thing about that class, you’re so busy moving on to the next interval you don’t have time to get bored.

  2. You use class pass, huh? I’ve heard about it before, but never tried it out. What can you tell me about your experience(s) with it? I’m a personal trainer on the side, so I’d love to know for myself, as well as for my clients who ask about it! Any thoughts would be lovely! Thanks!

    • Hi Juanita! I absolutely love Class Pass. For $79/month you get unlimited classes at boutique gyms all around your area. These classes are typically $15-20 each. The only catch is you can only visit the same studio 3 times in one month. But there are literally thousands of classes to choose from. It’s really been my saving grace. I might not strap on my tennis shoes to go run on the treadmill, but I will get up at 6AM for boxing class because I want to avoid the $20 cancelation fee. If you have it in your area, I would definitely recommend it for you and your clients

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