Last night at one in the morning I stubbed my pinky toe on the refrigerator.  It’s not like the refrigerator ever moves, but I guess I stumbled into it on the sleepy walk to my bedroom.  When I woke up this morning, the first thing I felt was the pain in my left toe.  I instantly thought there’s no way I can go to African dance class tonight. Then I remembered with Class Pass, I would have to pay a $20 no-show fee.

It hurt just to put my foot in a dress shoe, so I wore gym shoes to work and dared anybody to say anything. (They didn’t)  I was so tired from not enough sleep and my toe was still hurting, but not as bad as it did this morning.  So, I went to dance class. I danced barefoot, as did everyone else. The instructor, Ms. Alicia Sunshine, has such amazing high energy.  She makes sure we have so much fun sweating, that I almost forgot about my achy toe.  I love that her class has all flavors of women, chocolate, caramel and vanilla! All sizes too.  She taught us a cute choreography routine, and told us she wanted to video record it.

*Insert shock and horror Emoji here*

I literally said “No thanks” but all the other ladies agreed, so I lost by default.  Thank God she cut it down to a few seconds, and I didn’t look nearly as terrible as I imagined. I’m the juicy girl in the black shirt and pink stripe capris. Enjoy, I hope you have as much fun watching as I did dancing!

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