Last week I won the Fit Bit Work Week Hustle challenge, but I almost feel like I won by default.  I don’t think I even had 40,000 steps. Far less than my 10,000 daily steps goal.  But nonetheless, I got a taste of what victory felt like.  So, I set out to win the final challenge and the final wager with my friends. I did not care what I had to do, I wanted to win! I said to myself, no excuses, all you have to do is walk.

When I was at home, I walked in place in front of the TV. I walked around my desk while the IT guy fixed my computer at work. On Tuesday, I went to my normal African dance class, and my regular Zumba class on Thursday. I even took a Zumba class on my lunch break on Friday.

I saw that one girl was still on my heels for first place, so I took my furbaby Nyah to the park and made sure I was a few thousand steps ahead of everyone. During our leisure walk, Me and Nyah got to see a beautiful wedding at the Jewel Box greenhouse and a sculpture I had never seen.

Although I did not think anyone else was really going to work out on Friday evening, I watched the Fit Bit app obsessively. I did more steps, just to make sure I stayed on top. My calves were almost sore. By 11 PM I sort of relaxed, because the challenge is over at midnight.  I was about 4,000 steps ahead of the girl who slid into second place. 11:58, 11:59, Midnight!! I did it! I won fair and square. At times I wanted to cheat and clip it to Nyah’s dog collar. But I didn’t lol. And It felt so good to win!  I won $5 dollars from each of them, but even more so, it reminded me that when I set a fitness goal I CAN achieve it. Even if that means two work outs on Friday. And if I did it, I know you can!

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