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21 Day Fast Update & 5K Training

I’ve had a few challenges on the first few days of my no dessert 21 Day Fast. But, I did not give in or mess up and eat sweets. However, because this is the first time I’ve done a fast for spiritual reasons and not solely to […]

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21 Day Fast

As much as I’ve tried; I’m constantly reminded that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. I’m so addicted to sugary foods. And I’m always asking myself the big question from the book Made to Crave, do you love and rely on food more than God? Food is my […]

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Giving It All I’ve Got

I woke up in this morning telling myself I was going to the gym. I had my gym clothes already picked out. As soon as I got home from work and got dressed, my back and knee started hurting. I thought maybe it was just psychological. You […]

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Discipline is the Strength of Life

Many times people ask how do you stay motivated to work out?  I’ve found that motivation is great, however it’s discipline that will carry you through the difficult times.  When I got up at 8AM on Saturday, I was everything but motivated.  This was the first nice cool/dry […]

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I Can Do Anything for 60 Seconds

Today was rough. The morning started with my Great Aunt’s funeral. (She was my Dad’s aunt, and my “Shopping Cousin’s” mother.) I hate funerals, I mean, I know that nobody likes them, but I avoid them at all costs. It’s hard seeing everybody you love hurting. But, […]

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