I’ve had a few challenges on the first few days of my no dessert 21 Day Fast. But, I did not give in or mess up and eat sweets. However, because this is the first time I’ve done a fast for spiritual reasons and not solely to lose weight, I constantly have to remind myself that this isn’t just about losing pounds. The hardest challenge I had to overcome was the cookies in the kitchen at work that I posted about on my Facebook page. I prayed for God to give me strength over my biggest weakness, and I chose a banana instead. The next day, there were still cookies left, but it was much easier to avoid them since I didn’t eat them the first day. Whereas before the fast, I would have actually been hoping there were some chocolate chip ones left over.

Another tough time was Saturday. We had my Aunt’s estate sale all day. After it was finally over, I just wanted to take home a dessert and unwind. Going into the gas station with dessert and junk food everywhere was tough. Essentially, everything in there should be avoided. But, I passed this test too.

Sunday morning me and Nyah went to Forest Park for a workout. I wasn’t sure how my back was going to behave, so I didn’t run. We started with a brisk walk, and I didn’t feel any pain. But, when I ran across the street to get out of the way of a car, I felt that tinge of tightness in my lower back. I decided to walk only. I think some of my back pain is from stress.  So, I enjoyed the scenery, and tried to be focused on being present in the moment, not worrying about other stuff. I enjoyed the friendly morning joggers and the trees that are slowing turning pretty fall colors. We walked 2 miles, and it wasn’t really hard. I’m confident now, that I won’t have a problem doing the 5K in November. I just hope my back gets better, so that I can run. I went to church afterward, and dinner with my friend after that. She said it looked like I was losing weight. She was about the 5th person to tell me that in a week, so who knows, maybe they’re right. My scale is still put away, and honestly I don’t even think about it too much anymore. It’s so nice not to obsessive over a number, but instead obsessive over making healthy decisions.


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