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Weekend Review

Saturday morning was gorgeous; it was a crisp & breezy 71 degrees outside.   Perfect weather for outside activity.  Me and Mr. Man decided to go for a walk in Forest Park.  My ankles were hurting pretty bad as soon as we got started.  I think it’s because […]

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Working it At Work

So my girlfriend at work it still helping me stay on plan. We take turns cooking lunch and bring enough to share. And then we workout for the second half of our lunch break. We’ve done it for about 5 days now. It’s so nice to have […]

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I’m Panicking

Why am I panicking? Because my pants are too tight.  Like way too tight, like will these even button tight.  I can’t go back to where I was. I REFUSE to go back up a pants size.   I looked at my fat pictures today, I was miserable […]

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Getting Uncomfortable

I woke up this morning about 5:15 am, which was 15 minutes before the alarm clock was scheduled to wake me from my dreams.   I said to myself, I’ll just go back to sleep, and I sorta did, at least until the alarm actually sounded.   Okay, I’m […]

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Working Hard

Hey guys, I’m working hard on the new 5K Bridge to 10K podcast.  I’ve been working on it for hours at a time.  I have most of the music picked out (I used many of your suggestions), and all of the weekly tips researched and written out.  […]

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