I am proud to say that since my half marathon training started on Friday, I have not missed a single day of training.  On Friday, I went to the gym and did a quick, but hilly mile on the treadmill and showered before heading to church to see my little sister praise dance in honor of the church’s 53rd anniversary.  Saturday morning I went to my first group training session in Forest Park.  Because the group is much smaller than last year, there was only one other walker.  Last year there were at least 15 of us walkers.  Even though my ultimate goal is to do a light jog during the race, I’m not quite ready to run with the “real” runners.

The new training schedule distances vary according to your current level of ability.  I’m between a level I and the level II.  Level I required one mile and level II required two miles.  Me and the other walker completed a brisk 1.87 miles together.  It was fun to train with the team again and have the support of the staff and the coaches.  My Big little sister invited me to attend a boot camp-like class called Butts n Guts also on Saturday morning.  After group training, I cleaned out my car to keep myself busy before class, because I knew if I went home I would get back in bed.  I met my sister at the community center and we had our first Butts N Guts class with the ex-military man named Omega.  He worked us out!  I was especially tired since I had already walked nearly 2 miles before 8AM.  The class was an interesting interval mixed workout.  We did the stair step, jumping jacks, leg lifts, bicycles, and even ran a couple laps around the gym.  My sister and my niece and I went to Soulard Market after class to get some fresh veggies and new spices.  I was exhausted and slept well when I got home.

Monday was a beautiful day, 70 degrees in November.  Unfortunately though, we had 25 pleadings to be filed in court that day, so there was hardly time to breathe.  I wanted to walk outside so badly, that I walked a couple quick loops (about one mile) around Kiener Plaza downtown.   Only a few of the occupy protestors were still there since the police put them out. By the time I got back to my desk my attorneys were hunting me down.  It was risky for me to leave, but in hindsight I’m glad that I did since I stayed at work until 9:30 PM and would not have had time to go to the gym.

Today however, felt more like November typically feels, a cool 50 degrees.  It was dark and cold by the time I got off work, and I just wanted to go home.  I couldn’t find my Walk at Home DVD, so I turned on my new show “Ringer” with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and walked circles around the living room.  I fast forwarded through the commercials, but walked the entire time.  I guess I walked about 45 minutes.  I certainly wasn’t sweating, because you can only build up so much momentum and speed while avoiding the glass coffee table and fighting the dog that thinks it’s all a game.  But, I still felt good about being active.  I felt dizzy, but good.  Maybe I should invest in a treadmill? Duh! …Anyway, I’m so happy to have fitness as a priority again.

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  1. High five for keeping alternatives in focus!

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