What started off as a warm beautiful day turned into rain and gloom.  Most people know how much I don’t like rain, it’s so depressing….anyway, I had my workout clothes laid out so there would be no excuses when I got home from work.  My lil sis called just in time to join me.  We got suited and booted (well tennis shoed), and we were off to the gym.  I ran the track, I’m up to jogging 3 minute intervals, and then walking for 90 seconds.  I did this well.  My chart is attached.  However, when I finished and saw it was only .66 Miles after 27 minutes, I felt like I could do more.  I went to the machine room and did the elliptical machine hard and heavy for 15 minutes while listening to Beyonce and that Spanish guy singing “Gasolina!”  I got that good sweating through the shirt workout, then I was satisfied.


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