The rain was nice enough to let up and let me go to the gym.  I had a couple “I can’t believe it” moments today,

  • 1) a Lawyer at work said, “You inspired me to buy a treadmill”,
  • 2) a Paralegal said “I wish I had your motivation”
  • 3) Two old guys walking the track said, we want to do the “fast mile” like you.  I had to turn around and see if they were really talking to me!…geez, what a day J  I did .78 miles in 25 mins, I’m getting a little faster.  I was actually kinda funky smelling after this, I almost quit because of that, I’m such a girly girl, but, then I realized its okay to be a lil funky at the gym….. Then I hit the elliptical for 20 mins.  Go me!


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