tperry-and-oprahFor the 1st time, I felt like I didn’t have to force myself to go to the gym…dare I say it almost felt like a habit…any way, I’m at the next stage in my training (5 min running intervals) and today, I almost quit.  Not b/c I was too tired or out of breath, but the burn in my legs, man it was awful, felt like punishment…then I did a little mind over matter, and completed my 30 min run/walk.  Also it helped to see the old man who cheered me on the last time.  After all this, I took a few minutes to re-coop and stretch, then I tried this fun little machine, it’s like an elliptical and stair climber in one.  It was cool to see what tall people see, as you have to step up pretty high off the ground.  Anyway I completed 20 long minutes on this contraption, and called it a day.  My inaccurate Nike charts are attached.  By the way Tyler Perry and Oprah both agree that it’s cathartic to write, so you’ll definitely see more these emails.  Thanks!


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